What Is A Good Name For A Wedding Planner?

I am in the midst of obtaining my Wedding Coordinator license, so still a student. I thought I should start exploring potential business names for when the time comes. I am located in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada. The wedding planning business is booming here. I am looking for names that will stand out from the rest. Wedding planning is my passion, I love nothing more. I cant really put into words what it means to me, but I’d like it to be known, if you know what I mean.

Many companies in the area have names like: The Wedding Planners, Dearly Beloved, Devoted To You, Fairytale Weddings, or I do! Weddings. You catch the trend? I want to stand out more. I want to be more than just another corny WP business.

My target audience? ANYONE getting married, of course! Its hard to pin point.

I’d really like a catchy name with a neat tag line. I also would like something that could, in the future be modified so I expand my services (like event planning in general – not just weddings).


Jay’s Answer:

  • Eventualities: I Plan For Everything
  • The Big Event: Making Your Dreams Realities
  • A Day In Your Life: Every Event Is Unique
  • It’s All In The Details: Problem-Free Special Events

6 thoughts on “What Is A Good Name For A Wedding Planner?

  1. It’s really tough. Many names out there don’t stick in your head. However, if you do not have a name that’s at least related to wedding/event planning, people won’t be able to make the connection. It took me many days to figure out ours, and then on day, it just came to me. Mine was a play on words that have dual meanings. The phrase could mean between the couple, or between us and the couple, so eventually it worked out. Let me know what names you come up with, I’ll give you some feedback. Cheers!

  2. Eventualities: I Plan For Everything
    (the word Eventualities is kind of long to pronounce)

    The Big Event: Making Your Dreams Realities
    (simple, but gets the point across)

    A Day In Your Life: Every Event Is Unique
    (This name makes the “day” seem just like any other day. I wouldn’t recommend it)

    It’s All In The Details: Problem-Free Special Events
    (This name and slogan is too technical/emotionless. Generally, you would want a name that plays on emotions, since an event/wedding is a play on strong feelings)

  3. Hello, instead of making it all about the business, try to put you into the title. Things about you and why you wanted to become a wedding coordinator, your thoughts of marriage, your dreams your company, your mission, your brand/type of service, quality of service you plan to provide. Think about these sort of things and you will be amazed at the unique business names that are going to be incredibly catchy, but most importantly they will be about you from you. I recently sat down and thought of why I would make a good party planner, I love to do and so on. Do this I am wish the best for you. I know this is an old post but I thought I would share.

  4. Hi! We have the same problem. It makes me a little feel better that I am not the only one. But I also agree with Bonita. Your comment is inspiring me. Thank you.

  5. I’m currently opening my own wedding planning company. There were several names I liked but finally decided on Angelic Affairs because I have some interesting stories behind it. During my company name search, someone said I should choose a name with a unique story behind it that shows your personality, hence, Angelic Affairs for me.

    Some names I rejected but came close were:

    Exquisite Weddings & Events
    Exquisite Weddings & Affairs
    Ultimate Shindigs (loved this one!)

    Good luck on your quest!

  6. Just a word of advice I learned aftger starting my own business in another line a few years ago. Do a thorough name search before you get started. I thought my business name was unique and trendy and it turns out so did another established company in another line of retail. My lawyer told me I could open myself up to a lawsuit if I had used this name without making sure beforehand. The search was well worth both the money and the advice/learning experience. This time around I’ll have to be more careful. Good luck as we chose names. :-)

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