What’s A Cost-Effective Way To Market Our Regional Airport?

I work for a regional airport in Ireland and we are looking to put in place a cost effective marketing strategies over the next 6 months. We have a few ideas but just interested in any innovative ideas you guys might have. Ideas have to be cost effective as we dont have big budget on this, main things is to try and raise awareness of the routes available from our airport in our region.


Jay’s Answer: Have a free contest for airline tickets. People interested in entering fill out online form with email address, which airport they live near, and which destinations they are likely to use.

Discount coupons mailed to parents who recently had children. Relatives will be likely to visit and this is a great win-win.

Active senior centers – provide a discount to provide an “outing”.

College students living near one of the airports – especially a few months before holiday travel.

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