Name My Custom Dog Collar Business!

I am starting a new venture for designer dog collars, leashes, and hoping to get into pet beds eventually … I would like to leave the title open to all “couture” for dogs only. My product is of mainly high quality dog collars and leashes made from designer inspired fabrics and also high quality fabrics ~ satin, silk etc. They are handmade and will be geared towards all sizes and shapes of dogs :) I will also be making basic “cotton casuals” as well. But the focus is Elite, Handmade, High quality dog collars … I would like something that is sophisticated yet catchy … maybe a little on the cute side. We came up with: Dressed to the K9’s, Best in Show, The Wagging Tail, Four Legged Flare, The Divine Canine.  But somehow they don’t quite do it for me…YET lol … this is going to be my business for a long time to come I hope, so I don’t want to hate the name in a week :) The name doesn’t have to be fashion related …. something that says my product makes dogs happy and fashionable and stand out!! But related to dogs only!!


Jay’s Answer:

  • For Fideau
  • A Refined K9
  • 4 Paw Couture

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