Help Me Name My Bakery in India

My shop’s name is Raj Baker’s. We made fresh cakes.cookies n biscuits in india. I want to put the best tagline for my cakes n pastries…so what it should be?


Jay’s Answer:   The best tagline conveys a clear unique benefit to your prospective customers and it dovetails with your business name. If your business name is: Hitesh’s Fresh Cake & Pastries, then your tagline could be something like: Baked daily with organic ingredients (if you do bake with organic ingredients daily and if your customers are likely to care). But notice that the tagline doesn’t repeat cake & pastries – since that’s in your business name.

The best taglines come from a deep understanding of both the message/image you wish to present, and what your clients deeply care about. Without these two pieces of information, it’s either a guessing game or a generic phrase that resonates with no one.

Here are a couple of examples to get you started:

  • Smell The Freshness
  • We Are Deliciousness


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