Need A Seminar Title

I need a title for our seminar that will be conducting this November. Our seminar topic will be based on our engineering product. we are inviting our clients most of them are buyers and purchaser of engineers, buyer, purchaser, end users, QA., they will learn about our product our product managers will be the speakers, they need to learn it so that they will know more on about our product if its ok to them to purchase our product, our seminar will be face to face, our products are on hand, and if they have problems regarding our product we will attend to them asap because we have local parts etc., we also customize other product. our products were consumables that use in clean rooms in semiconductors electronics, but we also cater industrial and pharmaceutical also our company is NuPON Tech Philippines.


Jay’s Answer: Since a great name describes a clear benefit for your services, you need to think about a number of questions. Why should people travel to you to hear about the product? Why can’t they learn about it online, read brochures, and follow up with a one-on-one contact with your sales/support personnel? What makes attending your seminar the right use of their time & money? Are you already the world-class best-choice for your products? If not, how do you compare?

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