How Can My Institute Get More Students?

I am running one professional legal, taxation, commerce institute but the same is not being able to get response in the public, though 285 students so far took admission and I provided them adequate placement.  Please do advice how shall I proceed for advertisement, whether I should:  distribute leaflet,  display in the newspaper, display local TV channel, road side hoarding, or something else?


Jay’s Answer: Since you had 285 students already, I’d suggest now’s the time to re-contact them to find out what media they’re interested in (since you’re looking to find more people like those that already enrolled in your program). Other suggestions may also include: social media (Can you post responses/write articles on forums that future students actively visit? Pay-per-click (based on your region + search terms?), co-marketing (what other services are prospective students looking for?), open-houses, telemarketing, contests, etc.

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