Catch Phrase For Student Housing Developer

I need a tagline for an on-campus Student Housing Developing company. We will be sending marketing material to Universities and Colleges, in an effort to have them consider hiring our company to develop new/additional On-Campus Student Housing complexes. I need to appeal to administration – and need to get them thinking about how additional on-campus housing could help their university enrollment. The following is a list of “What’s in it for the University to consider more housing”:

  1. Student Housing has a tremendous effect on a student’s success and education, and there is a direct correlation with increased enrollment.
  2. Experiences gained by living in on or near campus are an invaluable part of a student’s education.
  3. On campus residents are more likely to be involved in activities and use campus facilities, reinforcing their satisfaction with their university experience.
  4. More social interaction with administrators and faculty, which leads to a deepening of interest and focus on their discipline.
  5. Students who live in campus housing consistently persist in their studies, as well as graduate at significantly higher rates.
  6. A deeper sense of “school pride” is also present, contributing to a student’s sense of belonging.

Once I get the Universities attention (and business), we will move on to appeal to the Students and the Parents. Thanks for your creative thoughts (and taglines!). The name of the company is “Annex Student Living”


Jay’s Answer: The “What’s in it for the University to consider more housing” list isn’t likely to resonate for your target audience, which means even if people were to open your email, it’s unlikely to be acted upon. And once you’ve been ignored, they’re likely not to be receptive to future communication as well.

My suggestion: start by getting clear benefits for the admin folks. If you’re unsure about this, ask previous clients why they chose you. Also, why not interview a few of your target market to better understand why they would (or wouldn’t) be interested in your services?

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