Need A Tagline For A Natural Baby Teething Product

I am trying to come up with a tag line for my natural baby teething products. I have been selling them on Etsy and sharing a shop with my husband, and due to increasing interest, I’m ready to go out on my own with it.

My handmade products include natural wooden teething rings and natural sensory teething necklaces. The products are meant to soothe babies and put mom’s mind at ease because they are natural and safe for little fingers… no toxins, etc. I also think the fact that they’re designed by another mom gives customers a warm fuzzy feeling.

My target group is: Eco-conscious, natural parenting moms (age 20-45) worldwide. (Although I would like to focus on that group, I have also sparked the interest of many natural baby boutique owners who are now carrying my line in their shops. I would like to send a packet with samples to other natural parenting shops in the US at a later date. I assume the marketing for that would be different.)

For the tag line, I was trying to go somewhere with tying “mother nature” and motherhood or “Simple, Soothing, Safe…,” “Designed by a Mom, Inspired by Mother Nature,” but I have run into a wall after a week. I appreciate any help or inspiration you can provide! Thanks!


Jay’s Answer:

  • Teethe Naturally
  • The Natural Baby Teether
  • The Naturally Great Baby Teether
  • The Mom-Approved Baby Teether

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