Ladies Swimming Club Name?

I’m looking for a name for the swimming club I’m about to start. It recreational and for ladies only. I didn’t get further than ‘Octopussy’ (I know) :-) We almost all working ladies and we need to plan our time carefully. Therefore, 1hour per week, we will schedule this in. It will be a time to work out and to meet with our friends. Moreover, our men already started a swimming club of their own. It can be an acronym too.It not necessary to include this but fyi the swimming pool where we will swim is called ‘Rozenbroeken’ and it is in the little town ‘sint-amandsberg’.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Lap Queens
  • Torpedos (Underwater MISSiles)
  • Water Nymphs
  • Mermaids
  • Sirens
  • Nixies


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