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Handmade Bunnies Biz Name

Hello! I’ve been pulling my “hare” out trying to find a catchy shop name. I sew bunnies. Basically a stuffed animal that is on a wooden base and is for decor and not a toy to be played with. (To avoid any responsibility with small parts used.) Because I want to include the word “bunny/bunnies/rabbit/cottontail, etc.”, they all sound like I am a rabbit breeder to me. But “bunny decor” is lame. It seems something that’s memorable (honey bunnies, for example) is toooo mainstream and possibly tricky if I decide to trademark it. My business will be online and maybe a craft show or two. I have a store that will be carrying them, but a shop name is holding me back, and I need to order labels, tags, etc ASAP!

Jay’s Answer: Here are some ideas to get you hopping:

  • Hare’s Looking At You
  • Sew Sew Bunnies
  • Ms. Cottontail’s Cottage

Needing A Fun Sales Rep Title Please!

I’m looking for a catchy / fun title for sales reps selling nail products like gel, nail art products etc. The brand is “Oh! My Nails” and it is a brand within my company (Odette Distributors Pty Ltd). The reps will be ladies… Various ages, all within South Africa. I would like to attract FUN and FUNKY, outgoing personalities of all ages. I initially thought of “super agents” but that doesn’t sound very innovative.


Jay’s Answer: 

  • Oh! My Sellers
  • Lady Fingers
  • Handy Agents

Tag Line Help

I own a Christian clothing line called Modest Grace. It is designed with nature and God in mind. My pieces reflect elements of nature that have inspired me incorporated into vintage styles (e.g., I have made a hummingbird coat from a 1960’s stellar dress pattern). Slightly eccentric, stunningly beautiful and bold but vibrantly soft. A tag line I have came up with to date is “A Wardrobe for the Divine” Yet I am not 100% sold on this and am looking for ideas. Thank you!


Jay’s Answer: Why not flip your tagline into “Create a Divine Wardrobe”? Or, “Naturally Vintage Divine Clothing”?

Tagline For Attractive Lamps Made Out Of Bamboo

We are hand making designer lamps from Bamboo within our Resort premises and make them available for guests to purchase. We now intend to market them globally and need your help in arriving a very catchy and yet meaningful tagline. These lamps are normally bought by higher middle class to high net worth people and mostly used for interior decoration. Please help us.


Jay’s Answer: Here are a few ideas for consideration:

  • Unique Artisan Bamboo Lamps
  • Traditional Handcrafted Bamboo Lamps
  • Traditional Indian Artisan Showcase

Tagline For Conflict Management Consultancy

I am a conflict manager building my company that seeks to provide consultancy services primarily to organizations (both private and public). I will assess the conflict and support the organization with mediation and negotiation to resolve. If the parties refuse to resolve the conflict, I will recommend conflict management strategies and design systems to support the organization.


Jay’s Answer: How about?:

  • International Mediation & Conflict Resolution (Consultants)
  • Organizational Conflict & Mediation Support
  • Restoring Organizational Harmony

Gala Theme Name

My foundation (Keith Jones Atheletic Memorial Foundation located in Wendell NC) is putting on its 2nd gala and we did not have a theme for it this year we wanted a theme and/or a name for it. Our foundation was started because a 13 year old boy was killed by a hit and run drier while standing at the bus stop. In his memory we sponsor and provide funding for children and teams to play sports. We also work with the Girls and Boys club monthly and we give out a “Good Character Award”. Any suggestions?


Jay’s Answer: Why change the name? If your foundation’s name is well-known, consider “KJ’s Gala”.

Company Anniversary Ideas

Our wealth management company is turning 70 in 2019. Looking for creative ideas separate from a new TV spot. Anything involving client giveaways, employee event, collateral in branch offices (historical timeline), etc….


Jay’s Answer: Realize that your (prospective) customers really don’t care about your anniversary. In some cases longevity connotes “old and stodginess” for a business, so it’s doubly challenging.

If you want a public celebration, then have 70 winners of prizes or help 70 charities in communities or help people who are 70 years old, etc.