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Slogan Needed For A Fitness Business

I am starting a small business that will offer fitness classes to apartment residents on their apartment grounds. The name of the business is AM Fitness, which stands for accessible mobile fitness. So far I have come up with the following slogans: “delivering fitness to your door” and “getting fit is as easy as 1, 2, 3”. I looking for a slogan that describes what my business does. Thanks for your help


Jay’s Answer: To answer your simple request requires a deeper understanding of who you’re trying to attract:

  • Who are you trying to sell your classes to: the apartment residents or the apartment facility?
  • Where are you located?
  • Is your business name already filed, or are you open to changing it (“Accessible Mobile Fitness” isn’t a clear name – isn’t by being mobile, it’s accessible as well? I generally think of “accessible” as handicap-friendly). For example, can you morph the name to “I Am Fit” or “Fit To You”?
  • Are you teaching movement classes or weight classes?
  • To what sort of person (age, fitness level, price point, etc.)?


Art Association Needs Help With Gallery Name

Our non profit Art Association has been in existence for over 20 years. We have recently expanded our community involvement, but still have very little attendance at our main fundraiser from outside our membership and their friends and family. Recently, we have been offered the opportunity to have an empty store on a small street that is part of the main entrance to our city’s only major shopping mall from which to operate an art gallery. Besides displaying art, the group envisions having art demonstrations, workshops, and art related activities. The art association has a name which includes our city name, such as Santa Susana Artists’ Association. There has been some heated debate that the name should be the Santa Susana Artists’ Association Art Gallery. On the other side, there is thought that the name should be short, catchy, peak interest, invite further investigation and be easy to read from the street. A name such as ArtYourLife or Atmosphere are examples. If such a name were chosen the Executive Board still wanted to include the words .. the gallery of the Santa Susana Art Association or simply the SSAA Gallery in a smaller font or type than the main name. It should be noted that the association had a gallery in the past with the name of the group and it closed its doors after 2 years because of being in the wrong area of town. Also, there is some concern that the name of the gallery with the groups name immediately conjures up the thought of having only amateur art. We are hoping to receive some input. Would you kindly give us advice on a name and your reasons? Thanks so much!


Jay’s Answer: The name alone is unlikely to inspire someone who knows nothing about your gallery to stop. If the art is by local artists, and local shoppers are interested in local artists, then focus the name on that. If the art highlights a specific style or subject matter, focus the name on that. Why do you existing fans love your association so much? What is the compelling reasons for people to keep coming back and recommending it to their friends? The words they use no doubt contain a kernel of a great idea for you to leverage.

Need A Catchy Tagline For My Online Boutique

I am in the process of launching my online boutique and would like ideas for a catchy tagline to entice folks to take a look around my shop. My boutique’s name is Peace Love and Paisley. All of my items are handmade and span a wide variety of products, such as: decoupage wall art, sewn baby gifts, monogrammed clothing, plush owls, baby shower diaper cakes, key fobs, ID badge reels, some jewelry, etc. I have ADD, so my mind is ALWAYS going 100 mph and prompting me to take on a multitude of projects. =) Thanks, in advance, for your brilliant ideas!!! =)


Jay’s Answer:

  • 100% Handmade Boutique
  • An Artisan Boutique

Name And Tagline For Boudoir Photography Biz

Hi. Getting started in boudoir photography. So far I’ve come up with Allure to use in the name. I want to use something other than boudoir, i.e.: Allure Boudoir Photography. The tag line I’ve come up with is “Do You”. Any ideas for a name and tag line? Thanks


Jay’s Answer: Where are you located? Can you use the location/region name in your name (“Alluring Photography of Hartford”)?

or, go a different way entirely, such as:

Capture Your Sensual Self: Beautiful Boudoir Photography

Catch Phrase For Student Housing Developer

I need a tagline for an on-campus Student Housing Developing company. We will be sending marketing material to Universities and Colleges, in an effort to have them consider hiring our company to develop new/additional On-Campus Student Housing complexes. I need to appeal to administration – and need to get them thinking about how additional on-campus housing could help their university enrollment. The following is a list of “What’s in it for the University to consider more housing”:

  1. Student Housing has a tremendous effect on a student’s success and education, and there is a direct correlation with increased enrollment.
  2. Experiences gained by living in on or near campus are an invaluable part of a student’s education.
  3. On campus residents are more likely to be involved in activities and use campus facilities, reinforcing their satisfaction with their university experience.
  4. More social interaction with administrators and faculty, which leads to a deepening of interest and focus on their discipline.
  5. Students who live in campus housing consistently persist in their studies, as well as graduate at significantly higher rates.
  6. A deeper sense of “school pride” is also present, contributing to a student’s sense of belonging.

Once I get the Universities attention (and business), we will move on to appeal to the Students and the Parents. Thanks for your creative thoughts (and taglines!). The name of the company is “Annex Student Living”


Jay’s Answer: The “What’s in it for the University to consider more housing” list isn’t likely to resonate for your target audience, which means even if people were to open your email, it’s unlikely to be acted upon. And once you’ve been ignored, they’re likely not to be receptive to future communication as well.

My suggestion: start by getting clear benefits for the admin folks. If you’re unsure about this, ask previous clients why they chose you. Also, why not interview a few of your target market to better understand why they would (or wouldn’t) be interested in your services?

Experienced Realtor Looking For A New Tagline

I am an experienced Realtor who is starting up in a new market. I am rebranding myself and looking for a new tagline. I am detail oriented and pride myself in providing my clients with consistent communication throughout their real estate transaction. I deliver extensive research to my buyers – so they can make smart purchases – and to my sellers – to ensure their home is price compellingly.


Jay’s Answer: While it’s great you have all these qualities, these aren’t primary in the minds of your prospective clients. They’re wanting to deal with someone who’s a great negotiator, who knows the market conditions/supply, and specializes in something more than single-family homes (for example, single-family “green” homes). What can you say about your “unique” abilities that matter most to your clients? If you’re unsure, ask a few of your most recent clients why they chose to hire your services.

Need A Seminar Title

I need a title for our seminar that will be conducting this November. Our seminar topic will be based on our engineering product. we are inviting our clients most of them are buyers and purchaser of engineers, buyer, purchaser, end users, QA., they will learn about our product our product managers will be the speakers, they need to learn it so that they will know more on about our product if its ok to them to purchase our product, our seminar will be face to face, our products are on hand, and if they have problems regarding our product we will attend to them asap because we have local parts etc., we also customize other product. our products were consumables that use in clean rooms in semiconductors electronics, but we also cater industrial and pharmaceutical also our company is NuPON Tech Philippines.


Jay’s Answer: Since a great name describes a clear benefit for your services, you need to think about a number of questions. Why should people travel to you to hear about the product? Why can’t they learn about it online, read brochures, and follow up with a one-on-one contact with your sales/support personnel? What makes attending your seminar the right use of their time & money? Are you already the world-class best-choice for your products? If not, how do you compare?

Name For A Conference And Event Company

I would like to ask to help us to create a name for our company. We plan to fulfill the gap of organizing professional conferences, seminars, etc. not only for business, but potentially for government, academia, NGOs, etc. We will operate in Eastern Europe, where most of the most of the companies having to wide portfolio. We were thinking to create a very trustful name based on names, eg Newman and Mill, conference logistics, which comes up from our names. Could you help us with your comments and brainstorm on this?


Jay’s Answer:

  • “Newman and Mill” doesn’t say what you do (or for who).
  • “Conference Logistics” does say what you do, but not for who/where.
  • For example, “European Conference Planners” – does say where/what.


A Good Tagline For Diapers & Dandelions?

I am starting a baby store called Diapers & Dandelions. I need a good tagline to go along with my logo but I cant think of a good one. We sell cloth diapers, baby carriers, nursing goods, cribs/bedding, furniture, clothes, gifts etc.. Any help would be appreciated! Thank You.


Jay’s Answer: Since your store’s name doesn’t really say what you sell, it’s up to your tagline to make things a big more specific. For example: Everything For Your Beautiful Baby.