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Hand Hygiene Slogan

I am on a team and we need a catchy name or slogan related to hand hygiene for educational purposes! A few we thought of: “Saving lives…it’s in your hands” and “Take a stand…wash your hands”


Jay’s Answer: Do the people you’re talking to already know that hand hygiene is important (and you’re reminding them) or are you trying to teach them a new concept? What age? What educational level?

A couple of ideas:

  • “Who knows what your hands have touched?”
  • “Healthy bodies begin with clean hands”

Name for Interior Products Business

kindly suggest me the attractive name and tagline for my interior related products.i hope you could help me out with this for my business.  I want to attract architects, Builders and also end users, but not able to come up with something suitable.i had given company name Parshwanath Trade link which is not relate to my products, but i want that name which itself suggest my business.  kindly help me for suitable tagline and business name.Thank you so much for your time and help!!!


Jay’s Answer: You’re right – “Parshwanath Trade link” is not a good name for your company, since it doesn’t describe what you offer (or for who). However, “interior related products” could mean everything from carpeting, to furniture, to wall-hangings. Businesses that try to provide everything for everyone seldom attract anyone at all (the exceptions: superstores such as Walmart, etc.). Since you’re unlikely to have the budget to educate people what your store sells, you need to make it obvious what you offer.

For example:

  • To showcase a region of the country, use a name like “Hadoti Furniture”.
  • To showcase a specific market, use a name like “Builders’ Furnishings”
  • To showcase a specific product, use a name like “Exquisite Housewares”

Slogan For Health Coaching Business

I started a Holistic Health Coaching practice named “Scrumptious Wellness”. I was wondering if you had any slogan ideas I could use revolving around the name? In my practice I provide guidance and support to individuals in the areas of nutrition, health and overall wellness.


Jay’s Answer: Since your business name is fanciful, and the issues are serious, I’d suggest keeping the tagline serious as well (otherwise you might make the wrong first impression). For example:

  • Specializing in Nutrition and Wellness
  • Improve Your Nutrition. Improve Your Life.


Need New Team Name/ Very Snobby Name And Prominent

I own a Real Estate team. your dreams will lead you home, red brick road to a home…its work for 10 years….however I am bringing on two partners and I want to make it a very well know and snoby elite company….we sell mostly 300K to 2 million. It needs to start with a A” or “B” SEARCH ENGINES? PICK UP? We are near Mountains and farms horse land….etc…..we like to use a Mountain and sunrise, or we can use a Estate at a Golf Course, home or homes or needs to be in the name? like one we saw is Alreadyhome team llc. help!!!!


Jay’s Answer:

  • Architectural Spendor
  • Alpha Homes
  • Azure Homes

Tagline For a Training Website?

Hi Jay, Can you suggest a tagline for a training website (, that provides training in different domains ?


Jay’s Answer: Since your trainings seem to revolve around enterprise software products from the German company SAP AG and are entirely online classes, here are some suggested taglines:

  • Distinguish Yourself. Learn The Latest Software.
  • SAP Software Expertise Can Be Yours
  • Enterprise Software Taught 24/7

Name a Chinese Dental Lab

What could I name a dental lab in China? I will be servicing labs and dentist in the United States.


Jay’s Answer:  It all depends on what you’re trying to convey and to who. For example, if you’re trying to stress that having the lab in China is important, then “China Dental Lab(s)” would suffice. If you’re trying to convey a benefit to having the lab in China (price, speed, accuracy, etc.), then consider bringing that benefit into the name. If the lab being in China isn’t important, then any name (for example, Eddin Dental Lab) would do.

Renaming IT Company – Thoughts?

I am renaming my IT company and am considering the name SyntheIT. My question is, does adding the “e” cause an issue for most folks? The general convention is Synth, but the domain is taken, AND I prefer how it looks with an “e”. Would you consider this “misspelled” if you saw it? Or is it not a big deal? Thanks for your help!


Jay’s Answer: Why risk confusing your business/domain with (who may be a competitor one day)? I’d suggest starting with a name that doesn’t lead to confusion/lost opportunity.

Need A Tagline For A Natural Baby Teething Product

I am trying to come up with a tag line for my natural baby teething products. I have been selling them on Etsy and sharing a shop with my husband, and due to increasing interest, I’m ready to go out on my own with it.

My handmade products include natural wooden teething rings and natural sensory teething necklaces. The products are meant to soothe babies and put mom’s mind at ease because they are natural and safe for little fingers… no toxins, etc. I also think the fact that they’re designed by another mom gives customers a warm fuzzy feeling.

My target group is: Eco-conscious, natural parenting moms (age 20-45) worldwide. (Although I would like to focus on that group, I have also sparked the interest of many natural baby boutique owners who are now carrying my line in their shops. I would like to send a packet with samples to other natural parenting shops in the US at a later date. I assume the marketing for that would be different.)

For the tag line, I was trying to go somewhere with tying “mother nature” and motherhood or “Simple, Soothing, Safe…,” “Designed by a Mom, Inspired by Mother Nature,” but I have run into a wall after a week. I appreciate any help or inspiration you can provide! Thanks!


Jay’s Answer:

  • Teethe Naturally
  • The Natural Baby Teether
  • The Naturally Great Baby Teether
  • The Mom-Approved Baby Teether

Name For A New Copywriting (creative Writing) Organization

So I AM starting a company where I will be doing creative writing for my clients. You can read below what we do:

At ________ we specialize in concise, compelling copy designed to get your message across quickly and effectively, to the right people.

Whether writing for the Internet or for more traditional marketing methods, we take pride in offering professional, creative services at rates that are competitive and designed to meet your budget, and your deadline. One day left? No problem we are here. Just email us the info and we will send it to you in 2 hrs.

Our portfolio ranges from glossy corporate brochures through to website copy, mail order catalogs and the humble press release.


Jay’s Answer:

  • The Write Stuff
  • Wordsmiths