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My New Upholstery Shop Needs a Great Name

I have had a part time upholstery shop at home for 3 years. Now with company cut backs, I lost my full time job and I am wanting to open my upholstery shop up in town. My business name now is Chad’s Custom Upholstery. I know that it lets people know what I do, but I people don’t always put automotive upholstery with it. If I went with Chad’s Auto Upholstery, then people wouldn’t know that I did furniture and other upholstery as well. If I went with Chad’s Furniture and Auto Upholstery, I don’t know if some would think of it as a furniture store and vice versa if I switched them, then they would think auto sales. What do you think? Thank you.


Jay’s Answer:   Who is likely to need you more often: people looking for furniture upholstery or people looking for auto upholstery? You could make that your core business name.

Or, you could use your tagline to clarify your expertise:

Chad’s Upholstery Shop: Specializing in Furniture & Automobiles

Or, create two separate business names (Chad’s Auto Upholstery and Chad’s Furniture Upholstery) to look like they are specialty businesses.

Or, as you suggested, create a single all-encompassing name (Chad’s Furniture and Auto Upholstery) – which looks & sounds like a mouthful and may cause you problems in the future if you want to focus on one or the other business or add a third major service.

Each of these approaches has pro’s and con’s in naming. But the bottom line is – if you do great work and treat your customers very well, then people will be spreading the word about your talent/shop no matter what your name is. And, if people are curious what you can do for them, your marketing materials (website, business card, flyers, etc.) should make it clear (both with text & graphic) that you do both furniture and automobile work.

Tagline For Promoting Print List Rentals

We are a list rental company and we are trying to promote our Direct Mail list of medical doctors who buy medical equipment from manufacturers. Its a slow list category and we want to create a cool marketing strategy to get manufacturers to create DM and purchase our list. Any suggestions on a catchy tagline?


Jay’s Answer:   How about: “Our Lists Need No Doctoring…”

A Tagline For an Italian Preschool Flyer?

I am needing a tagline for our children’s preschool flyer that is exploring Italy. Do you have any suggestions?


Jay’s Answer:  Technically you’re not looking for a tagline (which describes a unique benefit to a company or organization) – you’re looking for a headline for attracting attention to something you’re “selling”. And the headline isn’t for the preschoolers – it’s to excite their parents. Some ideas to play with:

  • Let’s Pretend Travelling To Rome
  • Here Comes Rome & Pizza!
  • Andiamo! (which means let’s go in Italian)

Help Me Name My Bakery in India

My shop’s name is Raj Baker’s. We made fresh cakes.cookies n biscuits in india. I want to put the best tagline for my cakes n pastries…so what it should be?


Jay’s Answer:   The best tagline conveys a clear unique benefit to your prospective customers and it dovetails with your business name. If your business name is: Hitesh’s Fresh Cake & Pastries, then your tagline could be something like: Baked daily with organic ingredients (if you do bake with organic ingredients daily and if your customers are likely to care). But notice that the tagline doesn’t repeat cake & pastries – since that’s in your business name.

The best taglines come from a deep understanding of both the message/image you wish to present, and what your clients deeply care about. Without these two pieces of information, it’s either a guessing game or a generic phrase that resonates with no one.

Here are a couple of examples to get you started:

  • Smell The Freshness
  • We Are Deliciousness


Amazon Nutritional Company Tagline?

I’m a distributor for a nutritional company. There’s no one like us – we distribute pure, wild-crafted, very efficacious health and herbal products from the Amazon rainforest. I’m trying to come up with a good tagline for my blog, but I’m struggling with it. Here are some ideas I’ve come up with:

  • Bringing the pure power of the Amazon rainforest to you.
  • Powerful rainforest nutrition. Remarkable results.
  • Get pure rainforest nutrition delivered to your door.
  • (Here’s a thought for a camu camu product: “Cutting Edge Skin Food”,but that doesn’t apply to the product offerings as a whole. However, I love the catchiness of it.
  • Rainforest Body Food

Your thoughts/ideas?


Jay’s Answer: Because “Liquid Camu” doesn’t mean anything to most people, the tagline needs to clarify the key benefit you’re offering. It gets complicated if you’re selling a health benefit – the FDA will want to see proof.

Also – Camu camu is being over-harvested, making it approach endangered species status. That means that showcasing it as a “natural” and “wild-crafted” is a double-edge sword. The people who care about these things might be offended about the harvesting reality.

As for your taglines:

  1. Powerful rainforest nutrition. Remarkable results
  2. Get pure rainforest nutrition delivered to your door
  3. Cutting Edge Skin Food
  4. Rainforest Body Food

#1 and #2 are focused around “rainforest” and “nutrition”. People aren’t looking for nutrition. They’re looking to either get healthier, get stronger, or become more attractive.

#3 “Cutting Edge” and “Skin” shouldn’t be in the same sentence, unless you’re trying for a play-on-words for a newfangled razor.

#4 “Body Food” sounds strange – are you applying an emollient or  ingesting a nutraceutical?

One idea is to try something along the lines of “Ancient Rainforest Health Secrets Revealed (or Are Yours)”.

60th Birthday Tagline For a Bank

 I work for a very small bank that is getting ready to celebrate a 60th b- day.  Got any tag line ideas??  Thx


Jay’s Answer: A business birthday celebration is generally more about the business and less about the customer. The customer doesn’t really care that the business has been around for awhile (in some businesses, longevity = staid/boring)  – what they care about is their services today. That means you need to connect 60 years with something your customers care about (that your bank uniquely satisfies).

Here are a couple of ideas to get you thinking:

  • Service Excellence For 3 Generations
  • Looking Forward To Our Next 60 Years Together

30th Anniversary Ministry Tagline

I work for a small nonprofit in North Carolina called Cooperative Christian Ministry. We provide crisis assistance (financial, utilities, medications), food (multiple pantries across the county) and shelter/housing (overnight shelter (individuals and families), church supported overnight shelter for families, Mothers and Childrens Home (1 yr supportive housing) and Teaching Houses (2 yr transitional housing with support).

We are celebrating our 30th year anniversary this year and need a tag line. Something celebratory but also that sends the message of what we have been doing for those we serve and the community. This community is great about pulling together from churches, business and local government- so it has been a joint effort and we bring the leadership to pull these resources together to really address the needs (which have been significant in the last few years.) of those in crisis. Here is our mission statement:

The mission of Cooperative Christian Ministry is to provide immediate assistance to members of our community who are experiencing crisis in the areas of food, shelter, or finances while providing them access to resources that will empower them to move beyond crisis.


Jay’s Answer: As I advise my clients, an anniversary tagline is more about an organization’s vanity than something for their intended audience. People don’t immediately care how long you’ve been in business. In some cases, longevity has a negative connotation (meaning old-fashioned). So, I don’t suggest that approach for you. Instead focus on what your ministry uniquely does for your audience. I’m guessing your audience includes both your clients AND your potential donors. So, your message needs to serve double-duty.

Here are a few ideas to play with:

  • Concord’s Crisis Center
  • The Community Crisis Support Team
  • Helping People In Crisis Thrive

Tagline For Mobile Eyewear Store

I am in the final stages of designing our business cards but need a “catchy” tagline. Our business is a mobile eyewear store. No need to go to the mall, find parking, lose time from work. We provide the service, free of charge at the place of your convenience, whether is work or home. Some tagline samples are “bringing the eyewear store to you:, or Eyewear delivered!, or Eyewear at your door.. thanks so much for your help.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Eyewear Wherever You Are
  • See How Much Easier It Is?

Need A Tag Line For Donuts Company

I’m starting a donut shop (“Donut lovers”)to sell donuts with 2 ranges: Sweet (Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla flavoured, coconut) and Savoury (Chicken, Tuna). My target audience – Teenagers, and people who love to eat donuts. I need a tag line to make ppl to come and taste our donuts.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Round Out Your Tastes
  • Sweet & Savoury Bite-Sized Treats


Tagline For Event Management Company

I need a tagline for the event management company im setting up.. right now im starting off with birthday parties but i might move into other areas later.. i need an appropriate tagline.. SOS! :)


Jay’s Answer: Since a tagline should uniquely fit your company, it’s unwise to simply ask for a tagline without knowing a lot more details about your company and your ideal customers. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with something that’s generic and won’t produce the results you’re looking for.

Some of my clients have hired me to help tease out the details of their business plan to produce an on-target tagline. If you haven’t developed a marketing strategy, do it NOW, before you start trying to ramp up your business. It will save you a lot of time and money (and potential frustration) by better understanding what makes your company better/different from the competition (and why potential clients would likely hire your services).