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Tagline for Business Consulting

I am working on my logo and website but I am really struggling with creating a tagline.  I have started a consulting and training business serving small to medium sized not for profit organizations.  I work them to create solutions to the challenges they maybe having with governance, policy development, and volunteer resources.  I also offer proposal writing, program evaluation, and facilitation. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Jay’s Answer: I think the problem you’re having crafting a tagline is because it’s not clear WHY your target audience needs you. “Creating solutions to the challenges they maybe…” isn’t a strong offering. What could a non-profit do better as a result of hiring your services? Why couldn’t they do this in-house? Why should they trust your knowledge?

The more specific your offering, the easier it’ll be to sell yourself to them. You don’t want them to have to wade through a menu of services to figure out if you’re the right person for them. If you position yourself as the expert in a specialty, then it becomes much clearer if there’s a fit.

I strongly suggest spending the time developing your marketing strategy. If you need assistance, hire my services. Or, start doing it yourself. But, don’t develop your website/logo any more until it’s clear what you’re offering. Otherwise, you’re going to confuse a lot of people, and they won’t come back to your website after you “tighten things up”.

Clever Name For Childcare Newsletter

I’m trying to come up with a clever name for a newsletter which will be used internally within a child care company. So, an internal communication to operations staff, or even child-care centre team members about current goings-on, any new centres opening, general news etc etc. Can you think of a clever name for this newsletter? The name of the company is Universal Childcare


Jay’s Answer:

  • Child Centric
  • Our Small Focus

Tagline For Mobile Phone Company

I developed a website with which we can buy minutes for mobile phone & for paying bills online…in return I am offering free sale coupons which can be used at subway, McD etc..please suggest me a good & attractive tagline for my website . my primary target is to teen-agers,especially youth(aged between 17-25). When a customer comes and buys minutes or credit for his/her mobile,i will give free coupons worth 5$,10$ etc..which can be used at stores with which i link up (ex:- mcd, kfc, pizza hut,subway etc). And my domain name is “cellbook”. so,i need an attractive tagline for my website..which should be very attractive..


Jay’s Answer:

  • Buy Minutes And Save Money
  • Get More For With Minutes
  • Take a Bite Out Of Your Cellphone Minutes

Tagline For New Travel Company

Along with a couple of friends we are starting our new travel company..cannot think of a good tagline..we would really be grateful to you if you can suggest us something good..we have great deals on holiday packages and we specialise in tours..we thought a few deals always and travel deals simplified. i look forward to your reply. Our company name will be travista.


Jay’s Answer: The name you chose is already the name of a worldwide travel company: – if this isn’t your company, you’re likely to find that you’re attracting your prospective customers to their website or have their lawyers request that you change your company’s name.

As to a tagline, “specializing in tours” and “best deals always” are promises that many other travel companies make as well. That’s why you’re having problems creating a great tagline for your business.

Instead, you need to start at the very beginning of your marketing strategy:

  • WHO specifically are you looking to attract to your business?
  • Where are they located? Where do they travel? How often do they travel? How exclusive are their travel needs? The narrower your niche, the easier it is to market to them.
  • HOW do you differ from your competition?
  • If you’re offering the same things as everyone else, then you need to find something that no one else does (that people care about) and do it well. For example, do you send your customers movies about the area they’re planning to visit for free? Perhaps a bonded housesitting (or petsitting) service at no additional fee?
  • WHY should they believe you?

Anyone can make a claim, but few can back it up. What proof can you present that shows what you’re saying is true. Consider testimonials or 3rd party independent investigators.


Name My Highly Professional Mortgage Company

homeI have been in the mortgage business for 8 years in Hawaii. I have focused mainly on high-end jumbo loans and have become almost too niched. No one thinks of me for conforming or average loans. I am starting my own company. I am looking for a name that exudes professionalism, confidence, knowledge, trust, etc. I want to cover the entire market not just jumbo. We may want to get licensed in other states so the name has to cross state boundaries. I am really looking for something new and fresh. Any help would be appreciated.


Jay’s Answer: Here are a couple of names to play with:

  • The Loan Wizard
  • Mortgage Master


Tagline for Business Consulting Company

I went through your entire blog trying not to be redundant, but I still need help with a tagline for our new company, Successful Strategic Solutions.  We are a training and business consulting company, offering everything from customer service training to executive leadership.  We offer training in-house as well as offsite.  We are a strategic partner with a global company, and  have access to a full array of training tools, including workbooks, assessments, e-learning, etc.

Our current tagline is “creating solutions for your success”.  However, we have been told that the company name tells you nothing, and the tagline doesn’t really say much either.  Currently we are focusing mostly on leadership training, with sales training being second.   We thought about saying something along the lines of:

1) optimizing your biggest expense and asset
2) unlimited resources for your success

However, I don’t think those say much either.  I saw your great suggestions, and am excited about what you will provide for us.


Jay’s Answer:  You’re right – your name doesn’t say anything about your target market nor does your current or proposed taglines. It only adds to the mystery of what is it you do? Here are some quick ideas to play with:

  • Effective Business Leaders Made Here
  • We Build Stronger Leaders and Salespeople

Tagline For A Clothing Online Store

online shoppingI have opened my online store last month and I still doesn’t have any tag lines.. I sell fashionable dresses and blouses in a very affordable prices. The name of my shoppe is “The Bubbly Shoppe”. The concept is something like, when women buy clothes in my shop they will be happy, It’s like it will be one less lonely girl in the world. Something like that.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Women’s Clothing That Makes You Smile
  • Change Your Mood. Change Your Clothing Fashionably.

Tagline for Tanzanian Used Car Dealership

Our new car dealer business is looking for the best slogan. The business name is “Nzuriwin Motors” . We would like to be the 1st Tanzanian business offering quality and affordable user car selling. We would like to offer and bit our competitors in terms of quality, affordability and support services. Kindly help us to have the best slogan. The cars are imported from JAPAN. We would like to offer Quality and affordable Japanese used cars in Tanzania. We thought of :
Quality and affordable Japanese used Care in Tanzania. But does not make sense in US.


Jay’s Answer: Tanzania’s #1 Used Japanese Car Dealership

Tagline For an Online Food Delivery Website

Please suggest a catchy tag-line for our online food delivery website. Users can order from local restaurants, sweet shops, bakeries and wine shops which are listed in our website. We also undertake subscribed (monthly/weekly) meals.


Jay’s Answer: Here are some ideas for consideration:

  • Bringing Delicious Food To You
  • Delicious Meals Delivered
  • Hungry? We’ll Deliver Food Fast!