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Name/tagline For Microsoft Office Training Business

I need to find a name to start an independent corporate training company. I’ve been the lead Microsoft Office Master Instructor for corporate clients for close to 10 years for a leading training company here (Bahamas). Now I want to leverage that experience to branch off on my own as an independent corporate trainer. My target market would be strictly corporate companies in various industries who fully rely on computers in office environments. The focus is CEO’s Executives and young professionals and I would come to the client’s location to conduct the training.I am considering using my name Kesheller Kerr Training to brand myself but I want other options.I wanted to known for being the most talented and qualified Microsoft Office trainer in the country and need a name and tagline that represents that. I would like to use the word “Training” as all the other companies here don’t.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Bahamas Master Training
  • Bahamas Corporate Training

Fitness Training Name

I am in the process of starting my own private personal training business. I am currently located in Los Angeles, CA. I want to present a service that caters to all ages, levels and both genders. Basically, I am like a one stop shop fitness trainer that will be able to help my clients achieve their goals. I think someone should choose me because I have over 18 years of experience and knowledge regarding fitness training. Out of those 18 years, I have worked as a certified personal trainer for 6 years. I am former collegiate athlete in both football and track, but still knows how to cater to other sports and those with specific fitness goals. I am certified through one of the most recognized programs in the world, ISSA.

When someone trains with me they will get someone that will provide enthusiasm, commitment, sincerity about their well being and someone that is knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. I would love to have a company name that has my name in it because I feel that my name is kind of unique and not common. I will know what my name should be when I hear it and see it.


Jay’s Answer: By choosing a wide range of potential clients, you’ve effectively made it very hard to showcase yourself as the right person for their needs. A beginner will have very different needs from a triathlete. A young man may have different needs from a senior citizen woman, etc.

So, my first suggestion is don’t try to say you’re all things to all people. Pick a niche, and become the “go-to” person for that. Given your background, why not specialize in “weekend warriors” – or those in training for upcoming competition?

While I know you’re looking for a name, what you ultimately need is a marketing strategy for focusing your marketing efforts. Otherwise, you’ll have a name, and then – how will you get the “right” people to find you?

The right name should appeal to your clients, and if you’re unsure of who exactly they are, then you won’t know if you pick the right name other than for personal reasons (not business ones).

Tagline Needed For New Dance Site

I’m trying to come up with a tagline or slogan for my new dance site The site is like Netflix but with only dance dvds, which are mostly instructional. This service is only US based. Some thoughts are: Get your dance fix with DanceFlix, Teaching America to dance… one DVD at-a-time, Teaching the world to dance… one DVD at-a-time, or Teaching dance… one DVD at-a-time.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Watch Dance Movies. Learn Dance Moves.
  • Your Private Dance Instructor Has Arrived.


Tagline For Vegan Food Business

I have been preparing vegetarian and vegan foods since 1978 and have recently decided to take it to the processing level. I prepare raw vegan, and some cooked and baked goods. I also do vegan catering. I am trying sell to anyone who wants to eat healthy. I also would like to educate people on the benefits of vegan food. We have a unique method for preparing most of our products. Our nutmeats are an example. They are used in wraps, to make sandwiches, and side dishes.Our Bruschetta from sundried tomatoes are created with a Caribbean flavor of rich spices and herbs. Desserts are rich tropical creamy and naturally sweet.I have more than thirty years of experience eating and preparing vegetarian and vegan food.

Please help me with a new tag line for the business. Some suggestions from friends so far : – -Veganise for Life, Eat live n stay alive, Raw Power.


Jay’s Answer:

  • NY’s Vegan Food Specialist
  • Love Life. Eat Vegan.
  • Naturally Delicious Vegan Cuisine


Name my Beauty Center

I’m new in business, i need name for my beauty center, for it has services of facial treatments, body
treatment,tattoo services, hand and foot care. i need a name that fits all of this services.. thank you for helping me…


Jay’s Answer: There’s too many different things on your menu to easily create a well-targeted name. For example, people who come in for a facial are unlikely the same people to come in for a tattoo. Is a “body treatment” a wrap, a massage, or a tanning session?

Here are a few names to get you thinking:

  • San Francisco’s Beauties (assuming you’re located in SF)
  • Beautiful You (or Beautiful U)
  • Body Beautiful


Wooden Furniture Tagline

I want to create brand image for my products.  I manufacture Wooden furniture. My prospective clients are located all over the country, income level not less than $80,000, with a need for long-lasting/quality/durability furniture. I need a tagline so that consumers can remember my products. I will be grateful to you if you help me for the purpose.


Jay’s Answer: The best choice is usually the most direct: “The Last Furniture You’ll Ever Buy”

Name Our Marketing Fair

We are planning to conduct a marketing fair in our college. so suggest some catchy names for the event.


Jay’s Answer: A name for your event should revolve around a number of things:

  • The name of your college
  • Who you’re targeting
  • Why you’re targeting them
  • What makes your college the “go to” destination
  • Why they should attend your event

So, take the time to work out these points, and then brainstorm names around these goals.

Tagline For A Rental Listing Website

I am starting a rental listing website called ‘College Rental Listings’ which offers a place for landlords, real estate agents, and property managers to advertise homes, apartments, or townhomes for rent to College students.

I am looking for some help in creating a tagline for my company that I would like to include with the logo. I had thought of the tagline “Always Free to Look” to inform college students that they don’t need to pay for our service, but I am concerned that the tagline doesn’t address the other target audience I need to address, which is the prospective landlords(revenue source). Perhaps the tagline should somehow address them also?

Somehow I would also like to incorporate the following concepts into the tagline if possible: trust, ease-of-use, resourcefulness, and professional.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Great Places For (Poor) Students
  • Find The Best Places…For Less

A Tagline For My Fashion Jewellery?

Need a tagline for a Fashion Jewellery brand that has been  out of action for past few years, it is now back / relaunched / re-energised / revitalised. Should also appeal to and attract the younger consumer who may not know about the brand. To be conveyed “We have upgraded our designs & New Collection is Ready”


Jay’s Answer: People don’t really care that your “new collection is ready” unless they are actively fans of yours already. If your brand has been out of action for a few years, it’s basically gone from the minds of people, so you’re better off positioning your message as why it’s the “must have” brand to your target market.

For example, “Cutting Edge Fashion For Less” or “Must-Have Fashion Accessories”