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Name my Zimbabwe Women’s Store

I’m opening up an international store that caters to woman, we got shoes, clothes,hair,skin and beauty products. i need a catchy classy and sexy name. the store is located in Harare Zimbabwe and in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, but its an online store as well. age range is 18-50+. we have skin care products for all skin types, hair extensions, wigs and weaves, sexy and classy clothes, shoes and accessories, diet pills and solution gels.


Jay’s Answer: (Aside: Women who are 20 are unlikely to be interested in products that cater to 40 year-olds, and the same’s true for 40 and 60 year-old women. Your age range is too wide to effectively interest “all women between 18-50+”. Furthermore, not everyone will have the same skin needs, hair needs, clothing needs, etc.)

As for a name, it should appeal to prospective customers in your region. If you’re unsure what would appeal – start talking to women in your area and asking them for advice. Here’s a suggestion to also consider: “Internationally Lovely”.

Company Name For A Sports Marketing And Camps

I am a graduate of Physical Education and Sports and currently taking my Masters Degree in the same line. I operated and managed my own swimming camp/clinics for almost 2 years.
Dilemma: I will now take the next step of organizing sports events, along side with multi-sports clinics that will be offered to prestigious schools here in our area. I need a Business Name and a tagline that will showcase what we do.
Services: Organizing of sports events, (fun run, cycling, swimming and the like), Team Building and Multi-sports Camps/Clinics (swimming, volleyball, basketball, badminton, soccer etc).
Client: Christian schools, ages 7 – 18 years old.
Duration: Year-round
Edge: Our competitors only handle sports events management; our group will in additional offer multi-sports clinics/camps.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Fit Kids: Events & Clinics
  • Sporty Kids
  • Kids That Play Together


Diamond Jewelry Business Tagline?

I need a Tagline for diamond jewelry business but we are also launching MLM plans for our customers. So, i need a tagline which not only emphasis on jewelry but also motivate people to join us. Please help with an idea.


Jay’s Answer: A tagline should revolve not around what you’re offering, but how what you’re offering is of interest to your prospective clientele. For example:

  • Why should people want to join you?
  • Which people?
  • Where are they located in the world?
  • What makes your company better than jewelry companies?
  • Can you prove it?
  • How will you support your MLM customers?

These are just some of the key questions you’ll need to answer to create an on-target tagline.

Name my Virtual Assistant Business

I am starting a virtual assistant business and I need to find a name and tag line. I have been an assistant for several years in a wide-range of industries (finance, legal, consulting management, engineering). I would like to leverage my years of experience to start a virtual business.  My target market would be primarily small business owners and virtual executives in various industries. The focus is to provide assistance with coordinating and managing the administrative aspect of projects, as well as basic administrative/clerical tasks. I will be providing my services on part-time bases. I am currently considering Elite Administrative Services, Elite Assistance or Administrative Asset for the name, but I would like other options for a name along with a tag line.


Jay’s Answer: Start with a name, rather than a tagline. And when considering your name, think whether your clients will care (or know what it means) if you’re “virtual”. Start with what specialness you bring to your customer’s lives and business. How does managing administrative projects/tasks truly help them? What can you do that they can’t do themselves, or by hiring others to do it? How do you know what you do is the “obvious choice” for them? How can you prove it?

Not every business owner (large or small) wants to delegate to someone outside of their organization. Add to this the fact that they’re unlikely to meet you face-to-face. This sort of relationship is for a special type of person/manager, someone who trusts the process and knows that 24/7 you’re there to solve their problems better than an “in-house” employee or local consultant.

All the names you’re considering are fine, but none of them truly showcase what you can do. Focus on a narrower niche of expertise – specializing in a type of business, a region, a technology, a certification, etc. People who are looking for virtual assistants have a plethora of choices to find them. Think about how to make YOUR business stand out from all the others.

Need A Creative Travel Business Name

I need your precious help in finding the perfect (powerful) short name for family travel-related website. Key aspects of the business:family travel, responsible tourism, home exchange, off-the-beaten-path type of vacations, not commercial, and tips & advice. This site will specialize in the non-mainstream type of vacation travel for families. Members will be able to rate destinations, activities, food, hospitality options. We will offer suggestions of destinations, activities, restaurants, lodging, etc. Away from the boring, conventional package vacation deals that offer no authenticity. Both domestic and international – by the way, this will be based in Canada. The average customer will be 30+ parents, mid-class and up, eco-oriented, interested in responsible tourism, culture, authentic experiences in Canada and abroad.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Outer World Travel
  • Out-Of-The-World Travel
  • Home Forward Travel
  • Travel Beyond

Name My Upscale Clothing Company

I’m opening a women retail/resale upscale clothing company called STASH. Im thinking : your neighborhood supplier of… Or dealers in upscale retail and resale. The reason I picked the name is cause shopping is the drug of choice for many women but that doesn’t say what kind of store I am. The word stash doesn’t describe it either. Please help me I’m about to sign my lease and print my cards as well as signage!!! Thanking you in advance:)


Jay’s Answer: The problem you’re finding with STASH is that it doesn’t say anything about anything. Your internal reason for picking the name isn’t a good public answer to the question “Why is your store named STASH?”. Your customers don’t want to think of themselves as addicts.

As far as a tagline is concerned, you need to start with the basics: what do you offer in your neighborhood that’s unique/better than your competition? To who (What age women? What demographic? Looking for what type of garments? For everyday wear or special occasion? Hard-to-fit sizing? Special fabrics? )

These types of questions are vital to help you focus your goals before you sign your lease. After you sign it, how will you attract the right people to your store? You don’t want to start guessing after the “pressure is on” to start covering your expenses. You want to have a set of clear goals and milestones to get the results you’re looking for.

Name/tagline For Microsoft Office Training Business

I need to find a name to start an independent corporate training company. I’ve been the lead Microsoft Office Master Instructor for corporate clients for close to 10 years for a leading training company here (Bahamas). Now I want to leverage that experience to branch off on my own as an independent corporate trainer. My target market would be strictly corporate companies in various industries who fully rely on computers in office environments. The focus is CEO’s Executives and young professionals and I would come to the client’s location to conduct the training.I am considering using my name Kesheller Kerr Training to brand myself but I want other options.I wanted to known for being the most talented and qualified Microsoft Office trainer in the country and need a name and tagline that represents that. I would like to use the word “Training” as all the other companies here don’t.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Bahamas Master Training
  • Bahamas Corporate Training

Fitness Training Name

I am in the process of starting my own private personal training business. I am currently located in Los Angeles, CA. I want to present a service that caters to all ages, levels and both genders. Basically, I am like a one stop shop fitness trainer that will be able to help my clients achieve their goals. I think someone should choose me because I have over 18 years of experience and knowledge regarding fitness training. Out of those 18 years, I have worked as a certified personal trainer for 6 years. I am former collegiate athlete in both football and track, but still knows how to cater to other sports and those with specific fitness goals. I am certified through one of the most recognized programs in the world, ISSA.

When someone trains with me they will get someone that will provide enthusiasm, commitment, sincerity about their well being and someone that is knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. I would love to have a company name that has my name in it because I feel that my name is kind of unique and not common. I will know what my name should be when I hear it and see it.


Jay’s Answer: By choosing a wide range of potential clients, you’ve effectively made it very hard to showcase yourself as the right person for their needs. A beginner will have very different needs from a triathlete. A young man may have different needs from a senior citizen woman, etc.

So, my first suggestion is don’t try to say you’re all things to all people. Pick a niche, and become the “go-to” person for that. Given your background, why not specialize in “weekend warriors” – or those in training for upcoming competition?

While I know you’re looking for a name, what you ultimately need is a marketing strategy for focusing your marketing efforts. Otherwise, you’ll have a name, and then – how will you get the “right” people to find you?

The right name should appeal to your clients, and if you’re unsure of who exactly they are, then you won’t know if you pick the right name other than for personal reasons (not business ones).