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Tagline For A Clothing Online Store

online shoppingI have opened my online store last month and I still doesn’t have any tag lines.. I sell fashionable dresses and blouses in a very affordable prices. The name of my shoppe is “The Bubbly Shoppe”. The concept is something like, when women buy clothes in my shop they will be happy, It’s like it will be one less lonely girl in the world. Something like that.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Women’s Clothing That Makes You Smile
  • Change Your Mood. Change Your Clothing Fashionably.

Tagline for Tanzanian Used Car Dealership

Our new car dealer business is looking for the best slogan. The business name is “Nzuriwin Motors” . We would like to be the 1st Tanzanian business offering quality and affordable user car selling. We would like to offer and bit our competitors in terms of quality, affordability and support services. Kindly help us to have the best slogan. The cars are imported from JAPAN. We would like to offer Quality and affordable Japanese used cars in Tanzania. We thought of :
Quality and affordable Japanese used Care in Tanzania. But does not make sense in US.


Jay’s Answer: Tanzania’s #1 Used Japanese Car Dealership

Tagline For an Online Food Delivery Website

Please suggest a catchy tag-line for our online food delivery website. Users can order from local restaurants, sweet shops, bakeries and wine shops which are listed in our website. We also undertake subscribed (monthly/weekly) meals.


Jay’s Answer: Here are some ideas for consideration:

  • Bringing Delicious Food To You
  • Delicious Meals Delivered
  • Hungry? We’ll Deliver Food Fast!


Tagline For My Handcrafted Jewelry Business

My business name is Jemel Jewels by Michelle and I sell handcrafted jewelry.  I am in the process of creating a business card.  I want to show that I have pieces that are available immediately but that I also do custom orders.  I create with a large variety of components but the main categories are gemstones, pearls and crystals.  Every piece will be somewhat unique as most designs cannot be recreated exactly the same way or for the same cost.  Any ideas on what to put on the card?  Thanks.


Jay’s Answer: I’d keep your message simple (since it’s a business card):

  • Handcrafted Jewelry
  • Custom Design Available

Since your business name doesn’t say what you sell (“Jemel Jewels” could be the name of a jewelry person, a dancer, a line of clothing, etc.) you need to make things explicit (“Handcrafted Jewelry”). The second line (“Custom Design Available”) indicates that you have an added service as well (which means you also sell non-custom work immediately).

Name And Tag Needed: Real Estate Trading System

Need a name for our real estate and asset trading system. System will teach and allow folks to trade mortgages (paper) assets as well as REOs (real estate owned or houses). Words that can be used as a reference would be applicable here would be: Arbitrage, Assets, Trader / Trading, Profits, Spread, Mortgage, Gravedancing / Gravedancer, Capital, Triage, Bank / Banker / Banking, Desk (as in Trading Desk), Defaulted Loans, and Strategies.

Some ‘sexier’ titles I’ve seen recently come out for other products have been: Offline Arbitrage, Offshore Conquest, and Mass Control (Note: These are Internet Marketing Products, but I like the tone and feel to them).


Jay’s Answer:

  • Undiscovered Assets
  • Capital Control
  • Arbitrage Dominance
  • Triage To Win


Name my Indian Textile Brand

I am going to start a exclusive women textiles brand in india i would like to have a name and a tagline. My brand includes ethnic wear and some western wear


Jay’s Answer: A name and tagline ideally should be connected to your target market. For example, are you selling textiles to: consumers in India, manufacturers in India, manufacturers abroad, etc.? Besides the theme of your brand, who are you targeting? Women of what age?  Women living where? Women earning how much money?

What are you trying to convey with your name/tagline? Are you trying to position yourself as a “new face” in textiles or the “right choice”? How will your new business compare to the many other textile manufacturers (both in India and beyond)?

Here are a some suggestions to get you thinking:

  • Modern Indian Woman Textiles – if the textiles you’re making are targeted for the “modern Indian woman”
  • Woman-Only Textiles – to indicate that these are “for women only”
  • Textiles With A Women’s Eye – a “women’s eye” is a phrase meaning – with details that a woman would appreciate


Help Me Name My Personal Training Business

I’m starting my personal training business.  I’m going to target overweight family, specifically kids.  I need ideas for a business name and tag line that will appeal to families and motivate the parents to enroll either themselves or the family.


Jay’s Answer: Congratulations on starting your new business. A name or tagline alone won’t motivate people to become your customers – it takes a lot more than hanging your sign and hoping people will suddenly think, “That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!”. You want to more narrowly define your target market. For example, where are your clients located? What’s their demographic? Why would they be better coming to you instead of the multitude of other ways they could lose weight?

Let’s start with a name. I’m assuming that your business model will involve people coming to your studio/gym to get your personal training. Here are some suggestions:

  • Fit Kids
  • Fat No More
  • Personally Fit
  • Big Heart

Next a tagline.

  • Personal Fitness Training
  • Play More. Weigh Less. Feel Great.


A Tagline for a Life Coach

I am starting my own life coach practice called The Joy Fairy. My target audience will be adult entertainment professionals … strippers, legal prostitutes, etc., as well as New Agers and Artists. I live in Las Vegas. The message I want to convey in my tagline is: An unconventional life coach for unconventional people, but I want it to be more pithy, have more attitude, and be more memorable. Cool, sexy, and funny. I have been brainstorming for a week or so, and here are a few I have come up with: Life Coaching for Unconventional Humans,  A Life Coach for Unconventional Humans,  Not Your Parents Life Coach,  Helping Humans Live in The Magic, Better Living Through Fairy Dust,  Creating Better Lives for Humans,  Illuminating New Path for Unconventional Humans,  Life is Hard. Vegas is Crazy. Call The Joy Fairy. , Life Coaching. One Human at a Time.


Jay’s Answer: Because your business is named something ambiguous, the tagline needs to be very clear. You’d identified who/where you’re targeting, which is great. But what’s missing is the other side – why do THEY want what you’re offering? Why you? What problems/concerns/needs do they have that they’re willing to trade time & money for you to solve?

The taglines you’ve created are all about “unconventional” and “magic” and “fairy”, but ultimately it’s not about the image you’re trying to create, but what tangible benefits you can offer.

A Tagline for a Corporate Training Consultant

I am looking for a tagline for my business cards. The name of my business is Grier Consulting Services. Training and Development, Career Development and Corporate Event Planing are the services that I offer. Could you give me some suggestions of Taglines that would work well with my business name?


Jay’s Answer: Since your business name (“Grier Consulting Services”) doesn’t describe what you do for your target market, the tagline needs to clearly do so.

However, the list of services you’re proposing to offer isn’t narrowly targeted. I would strongly encourage you to clearly articulate who your ideal client is (Where are they located? Industry? Size? Demographic?) and then identify who within the organization you’re trying to appeal to (Human Resources? Marketing?). If you don’t narrow down your focus, you’re going to have a hard time trying to get their attention, since what you’re offering won’t sound like a match for THEM.

If you do so, then a tagline like: “Specializing in Training & Development” clearly states what you’re offering. Even better would be to add for who, as in: “The Small Business Training & Development Specialist”.

Tagline for Battery Manufacturer

I’m just starting a new Business of Batteries (Automotive and Inverter) Manufacturing. I have already selected the name  “OXEN” but now confused for Tagline. I wish a shorter and simple Tagline which can be easily Understand by Indian Public. Please help me out.


Jay’s Answer:   Because your name already says “We sell batteries”, then your tagline needs to make it clearer who you’re selling batteries to. Given what you wrote, why not make your tagline simply: “Automotive & Inverter Specialists” or “The Automotive Specialists”? The former name is more targeted for distributors while the latter name is better for the general public.