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Wooden Furniture Tagline

I want to create brand image for my products.  I manufacture Wooden furniture. My prospective clients are located all over the country, income level not less than $80,000, with a need for long-lasting/quality/durability furniture. I need a tagline so that consumers can remember my products. I will be grateful to you if you help me for the purpose.


Jay’s Answer: The best choice is usually the most direct: “The Last Furniture You’ll Ever Buy”

Name Our Marketing Fair

We are planning to conduct a marketing fair in our college. so suggest some catchy names for the event.


Jay’s Answer: A name for your event should revolve around a number of things:

  • The name of your college
  • Who you’re targeting
  • Why you’re targeting them
  • What makes your college the “go to” destination
  • Why they should attend your event

So, take the time to work out these points, and then brainstorm names around these goals.

Tagline For A Rental Listing Website

I am starting a rental listing website called ‘College Rental Listings’ which offers a place for landlords, real estate agents, and property managers to advertise homes, apartments, or townhomes for rent to College students.

I am looking for some help in creating a tagline for my company that I would like to include with the logo. I had thought of the tagline “Always Free to Look” to inform college students that they don’t need to pay for our service, but I am concerned that the tagline doesn’t address the other target audience I need to address, which is the prospective landlords(revenue source). Perhaps the tagline should somehow address them also?

Somehow I would also like to incorporate the following concepts into the tagline if possible: trust, ease-of-use, resourcefulness, and professional.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Great Places For (Poor) Students
  • Find The Best Places…For Less

A Tagline For My Fashion Jewellery?

Need a tagline for a Fashion Jewellery brand that has been  out of action for past few years, it is now back / relaunched / re-energised / revitalised. Should also appeal to and attract the younger consumer who may not know about the brand. To be conveyed “We have upgraded our designs & New Collection is Ready”


Jay’s Answer: People don’t really care that your “new collection is ready” unless they are actively fans of yours already. If your brand has been out of action for a few years, it’s basically gone from the minds of people, so you’re better off positioning your message as why it’s the “must have” brand to your target market.

For example, “Cutting Edge Fashion For Less” or “Must-Have Fashion Accessories”

Tag Line For Aerial Fitness Company

I’m trying to come up with a good tag line that doesn’t sound awkward. Our company offers lessons in aerial acrobatic fitness and other non traditional fitness mediums.

If you are not sure what Aerial Fitness is:
Aerial fitness is a class where participants use strands of fabric called “silks,” suspended about 16 feet from the ground, and their own body weight to perform strengthening and flexibility exercises. It was originally used as a form of entertainment in Cirque Du Soleil. Aerial silks are now used to challenge and sculpt bodies by the use of slow, controlled movements using ones own body weight as both lever and force. Students learn methods of climbing, knotting, poses, wrapping and unwrapping in the fabric as well as to flips and drops for the more advanced student.

Benefits of Aerial Fitness:
•Your health! Be healthier by toning, building strength and flexibility in your body.
•Aerial fitness gives students a sense of empowerment. Students set goals and accomplish them in a safe and supportive environment. We teach students to do the impossible!
•Aerial fitness encourages innovation. It teaches how to look at things in a new way and problem solving.
•Do something for yourself. Only when we take care of ourselves can we take care and help others.

Company name: Aerial 4 Me
Location: Mid West, USA – Big city with small town values. City supports arts. Trendy.
Target: Women and men (mostly women) 20-35
It’s a new growing niche of specialty fitness. If you are familiar with what Cirque is then you know what this is.
Students would want to take this class over others because it’s fun, new, challenging and exciting. Also goal orientated. Students see results by abilities in moves. Also they are able to express them selves creatively unlike traditional workouts where its repetition and boredom.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Exercise For People With Hang-Ups!
  • Hang On. Fitness Is Here!
  • Get Fit With Suspense
  • Fly. Dangle. Swoop. Smile.

Name My Clothing Boutique in Kansas

I’m a 31 year old female that lives in Petal, MS. I will soon be opening a clothing boutique and would like to put the name out there to see how you like it :) The target is 18-40ish females and I’m doing kind of country and vintage.. my favorite tree and scent is a sweet olive so I picked the name “The Sweet Olive”. I plan on having the biggest one we can plant planted right out front of the business. the sign will be “Olive” green with sweet olive flowers up the side and across the front.


Jay’s Answer: How about adding the word “Boutique” to your proposed name (“The Sweet Olive Boutique”)? That’ll give people a clue what you’re selling. Since “olive” sounds a lot like “I love”, it gives you some fun things to play with “Olive A Sale”, “Olive Summer”, etc.

Name My Beauty Center

 I’m new in business, i need name for my beauty center, for it has services of facial treatments, body treatment,tattoo services, hand and foot care. i need a name that fits all of this services.. thank you for helping me…


Jay’s Answer: There’s too many different things on your menu to easily create a well-targeted name. For example, people who come in for a facial are unlikely the same people to come in for a tattoo. Is a “body treatment” a wrap, a massage, or a tanning session?

Here are a few names to get you thinking:

  • San Francisco’s Beauties (assuming you’re located in SF)
  • Beautiful You (or Beautiful U)
  • Body Beautiful

Business Name: Transport/Roads Engineering Services

A business name is being sought for a transport services company in Africa which will specialize in transport & road engineering, roads planning and designing. the concept is to make it catchy showing the expertise, value and uniqueness of this product. It will be targeting a fast growing city. Here the target audience is the town planners within the city & nearby townships & private entities who would require this service.


Jay’s Answer:

  • From Here To Everywhere
  • The Road Well-Traveled
  • Engineered For Travel


Appealing Title Needed For Court Reporter Seminar

Looking for an appealing title for court reporting seminar. Seven speakers presenting at seminar over Fri., Sat., and Sunday. Attendees earn continuing education credit. Topics of presentations are:
1. Improving writing skills on the court reporting machine.
2. New technology gadgets, gizmos available to court reporters.
3. Police detective to speak about sexual predators and internet safety.
4. Police Detective to talk about drug trends — the illegal use of prescription drugs esp. among high school students.
5. Software engineer to talk about website building/improvement
6. A local historian will talk about the mountain resort community where our seminar will take place.
7. An attorney will discuss statutes, regulations, and cases that have developed requirements related to closed captioning for those who are hard of hearing.
8. A “Legislation 101″ presentation — a broad overview of legislative process and how various branches — Legislative, Executive and Judicial — work together in the “real world.” Will also discuss current legislative issues facing court reporters.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Court Reporter Pow-Wow
  • The Future of Court Reporting

Renaming Golf Pass

I am in the process of renaming a golf pass that has been around for 20+ years. It was Golf for Guardianship but now needs a new name to support our whole Catholic Charities oraganization rather than just one program. The golf pass includes free or discounted golf at around 100 courses across the state. We don’t want it to sound too “churchy” but want it to be catchy. Can also use ideas for a tagline. Thanks for your help!!!!


Jay’s Answer:

  • Pray For Golf
  • God’s Greens
  • Holy In One