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10th Anniversary Tagline For My Business

My company is a B2B trading platform specialized in electronic components. We are turing 10 this year and would like to have a series of promotion. Our current tagline is “The worldwide sourcing platform for electronic components.” Could you pls ad something for the 10th anniversary which is also related to our business? Thanks


Jay’s Answer: How about something like: “10 Years Of Electronic Worldwide Sourcing”?

But also realize that the only one that will care about your anniversary message is your company. Longevity is a nice thing, but in some ways it can also be seen as a negative – it may connote that you’re not “leading edge” anymore. If you want others to celebrate your anniversary, then have 10 months of special deals, or a special 10% off sale, or pick 10 customers to feature in your marketing. In other words, give your customers a reason to care about your anniversary other than simply with a phrase.

Name My New Business – Too Many Choices

My background consists of sales, marketing, management, food industry, retail, Real Estate Licensee, wedding and event planning. I live in South Lake Tahoe and there are so many wedding chapels and businesses here, although I can’t decide if I want to go into property management or my desire is to coordinate weddings and plan events…. So names? Business direction? To be top of mind ahead of the already existing competition. I moved here in November.  My background has been working in Beef, Chicken food manufacturing as Executive Assistant, Logistics, Sales and Marketing, Senior Services, Independent and Assisted Living, Jewelry sales, there is so much talent. My father was a minister and I like speaking to women’s groups…so maybe my web-site should be a professional motivational speaker?


Jay’s Answer: Names are irrelevant unless you’ve got a focus. So, let’s talk focus.

  • Do you want to work for yourself or others?
  • Do you want to work in B2B or B2C (i.e., do you want businesses or consumers as your audience)?
  • Do you want to work locally at South Lake Tahoe, or travel, or work virtually (with people from afar)?
  • What truly excites you? You’ve listed a number of skills, but I didn’t hear what YOU want to do.

And that’s just the start of a longer conversation that we could have about where you and and where you want to go.

My suggestion is that you should hire a professional coach to help you narrow down your wants/needs and help you achieve your goals.

Name Suggestions For A Kids Business Club

I work at an Arts & Cultural Center. This summer we are going to start a kids business club. Any suggestions for the name of the club?

The purpose is to interest kids in entrepreneurship and managing money. We have a summer arts program and want to include a business type class this year. We plan to have a big yard/estate sale and have the kids learn how to plan, set-up, make things to sell, market, budget and manage money. Hopefully this business program can be successful and continue even after the summer program is done.

The name should appeal to the public, so they are aware that we offer such a thing and would be interested in buying or donating to the cause, but also appeal to the kids who would want to participate. We are The Niagara Arts & Cultural Center, known as The NACC (pronounced like knack). I’m thinking something like The NACC’s knack, or Nickle NACCs Club, NACCs Niche, KnickNACC’s Club, NnickNACC’s Nickle Club.


Jay’s Answer: The problem with the names you’ve proposed is that you’re trying to shoehorn NACC into something “cute”. The end doesn’t seem to focus on the benefit you’re offering.

Instead, consider: “Kids Making Money” or “Niagara Kids Entrepreneur Club”.

Catchy Name For Internal CRM Newsletter

I’m trying to think of a name for our newsletter that is going to our internal marketing folks. It is primarily focused on sharing best practices for all campaign types (call campaigns, emails, direct mail, etc) using internal and external case studies. We’ll also be highlighting new functionality available with our CRM System. My colleague sends out something similar related to the Social/Digital world and calls it ‘Digital Juice’ – I’m trying to think of something that’s catchy and fun like that but still convey what the newsletter will include. We work in the motorsports industry if that helps with any ideas. Some people have mentioned piggybacking on the Digital Juice name and making it the ‘CRM Omelette’ or something like that. At this point I’m open to anything…..HELP!!!


Jay’s Answer:

  • Vroom Marketing
  • Squeal Appeal

Name For A New Building In Downtown Miami

I am looking for a name for a new residential apartment building I will build next year in Downtown Miami. It will be 26 stories high, right by the water, looking to the Intracoastal Way. It will be for middle class, good quality of finishings and amenities, and the first LEED certified (green building) in town. I want to avoid the obvious: Bayview, Bay lights, etc.


Jay’s Answer:

  • The Breeze
  • Miami Breeze
  • Cool Breeze
  • Heavenly 26


Tagline for Business Consulting

I am working on my logo and website but I am really struggling with creating a tagline.  I have started a consulting and training business serving small to medium sized not for profit organizations.  I work them to create solutions to the challenges they maybe having with governance, policy development, and volunteer resources.  I also offer proposal writing, program evaluation, and facilitation. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Jay’s Answer: I think the problem you’re having crafting a tagline is because it’s not clear WHY your target audience needs you. “Creating solutions to the challenges they maybe…” isn’t a strong offering. What could a non-profit do better as a result of hiring your services? Why couldn’t they do this in-house? Why should they trust your knowledge?

The more specific your offering, the easier it’ll be to sell yourself to them. You don’t want them to have to wade through a menu of services to figure out if you’re the right person for them. If you position yourself as the expert in a specialty, then it becomes much clearer if there’s a fit.

I strongly suggest spending the time developing your marketing strategy. If you need assistance, hire my services. Or, start doing it yourself. But, don’t develop your website/logo any more until it’s clear what you’re offering. Otherwise, you’re going to confuse a lot of people, and they won’t come back to your website after you “tighten things up”.

Clever Name For Childcare Newsletter

I’m trying to come up with a clever name for a newsletter which will be used internally within a child care company. So, an internal communication to operations staff, or even child-care centre team members about current goings-on, any new centres opening, general news etc etc. Can you think of a clever name for this newsletter? The name of the company is Universal Childcare


Jay’s Answer:

  • Child Centric
  • Our Small Focus

Tagline For Mobile Phone Company

I developed a website with which we can buy minutes for mobile phone & for paying bills online…in return I am offering free sale coupons which can be used at subway, McD etc..please suggest me a good & attractive tagline for my website . my primary target is to teen-agers,especially youth(aged between 17-25). When a customer comes and buys minutes or credit for his/her mobile,i will give free coupons worth 5$,10$ etc..which can be used at stores with which i link up (ex:- mcd, kfc, pizza hut,subway etc). And my domain name is “cellbook”. so,i need an attractive tagline for my website..which should be very attractive..


Jay’s Answer:

  • Buy Minutes And Save Money
  • Get More For With Minutes
  • Take a Bite Out Of Your Cellphone Minutes