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Unique Ideas For The Classroom – Where To Begin?

I have created some very good and unique ideas for education/ elementary level. I have developed specific songs and dances to be used in the classroom to enhance learning. (Particularly in social studies) The children had fun with the lessons, learned the material quickly, and retained it!! I have been teaching for 19 years and would like to share/ sell these ideas. Why should only a few children benefit? I would like to make a DVD and market it. Where or how do I begin???


Jay’s Answer: It sounds like you have some experience with one classroom using your materials to great success. The next step would seem to try this in multiple classrooms to ensure it works well and “test out” your material. So, one suggestion is to create a “first edition” of your materials and offer them for free to a local school district to use (in exchange for you watching how the kids use it, and with the ability to get footage of them using it for promotional materials). With your “first edition”, also create a series of shorter videos and upload to social media sites (YouTube, etc.) to simply showcase your ideas. If you have the funds, hire some SEO experts to help you get more views and traffic to your website (you’ll need one of these, too) and FB/Google+ pages. Finally, consider showcasing your program at national/regional/local elementary school conferences (such as the NCAEE, NAESP, etc.).

Bridal Shop Marketing Strategy

I am about to open a bridal shop. I am looking for your precious ideas on how to promote it. For example for a product people may say buy 2 get 1 free. What such things can i do to promote my business? The bridal wear shop is for rental bridal gowns, veils, tiaras etc. Now I am looking for a better way of promoting it. Jay, I believe to have quality products than those of competitor. And the shop layout, comfort and decor is far way better than competitor’s.


Jay’s Answer: If your environment is better, then offer free appointments for (qualified) brides-to-be, with catered finger foods (to highlight your environment). Perhaps co-market with local caterers who might be interested in catering the wedding itself – creating a nice win-win opportunity for everyone.

Need Direct Mail Ideas For Quit Smoking Campaign

I am looking for some help with creative ideas for a 3D direct mail campaign for quit smoking services through hypnosis and NLP. I’d like to target businesses to offer this service as a workplace package and staff incentive. The key messages that I need to convey are that it’ll increase productivity in the workplace by decreasing smoke breaks and therefore increase the business’s bottom line; it’ll improve employees’ health therefore portraying the business’s commitment to its staff and it’ll improve team morale by getting rid of the segmentation between smokers and non-smokers.
We’ve chosen 3d to stand out from the clutter of other direct mail and to be memorable. Our budget is approx AUD20-25/ pack and targeting either business owners or HR responsible for staff incentives in predominantly construction/mining/govt dept/hospitals. Proven effectiveness is that 95.6% of clients are non-smokers for life after one session but a lifetime guarantee is offered in that if a person starts smoking again they get as many subsequent sessions as required free of charge. I hope that gives more clarification and thanks again.


Jay’s Answer: The clear benefit you offer is a guarantee to save the business owners money. Focus your message on this – perhaps an empty pack of cigarettes wrapped with (or filled with) dollars. That’s a simply message showing what smoking “costs” the business and the benefit of your offer.

Boost Sales of Exercise Machines

We have manufactured over 5700 of our exactly 4 minute per day exercise machines, but that is in 21 years. Any ideas how to speed the process and get more sales? Recently Special Forces (military) got a few of our maschines. See video of our factory:


Jay’s Answer: The first thing that caught my eye was your website’s appearance. The price point of your product puts it into a “luxury” category, yet your website’s look and feel doesn’t match the positioning of your product. This detracts from the confidence of your message.

Since the product isn’t seen regularly by your prospective customers, you need more social proof that what you’re selling is a “smart investment”. Your testimonials aren’t current. Given the “luxury” positioning, having celebrity endorsements (ideally, unpaid) would amplify your message.

If speed of workout is a major benefit, then it would seem that a gym owning a number of machines could have more clients using the facility without increasing the wait time of the workout. In addition to health clubs, this would point to Navy ships (that have onboard gyms) as likely beneficiaries.

If you want to do something remarkable – buy back the machines from people that don’t want them – and resell them at a discount to others. It shows that you’re not trying to simply make sales, it shows that you’ll be around for the long haul and only want the equipment in the hands of people who love it.

Call To Action For Cabinets Mailer

I am doing a direct mail campaign for cabinets. I used a company to narrow my demographic to consumers with a net worth of 125K. My cabinets sell between $8,000 – $12,000. I don’t have any financing set up as of now, which is why I am targeting a high end customer. I am looking for a good message/catch to get the customer to call, email or come in. Any ideas? Thanks in advance


Jay’s Answer:   Focus the message on why/when your prospective clients will want YOUR cabinets. Are they made of sustainable hardwoods? Do you reface the cabinets in a day? Do you specialize in exotic woods or design one-of-a-kind cabinets that fit unique spaces?

Instead of focusing your message on the consumers, why not make some direct connections with people likely to recommend your services – architects and high-end builders?

Need Name For Vintage Design Company

I am starting a vintage design company. I deal mainly with buttons and old jewelry, making them into new jewelry and accessories. I will also have some furniture, that is why I want something that incorporates all of it, not just focusing on the jewelry aspect. I have thought of a few but haven’t really been sold on anything (Relic Designs Love Vintage, or Circa Chic). I would appreciate any help, thoughts or ideas!


Jay’s Answer:

  • Vintage Redux
    Vintage Re-Designed

How To Sell More Artwork?

Moving a client from looking to buying……even if they really like the work…have come to the studio also……take up 2 hours of me showing and them asking………all fine but then………… I hear    “My mother recently had an operation and a part of my salary is going for that”….etc……….sure that can be and probably is true……….but …….My question is how I can better ‘screen’ clients in order to make more on target choices of those that will buy before I set myself up for another song and dance?  I think I need to get to the question; is this the time for you to buy?  sooner. ……..without turning them off if they are not ready.  What do you think?
I had a good day of networking at a recent art fair a couple of weekends ago. Will it translate into badly needed sales? ???????


Jay’s Answer:The mistake many people make is not prequalifying the customer.

For example:

  • Do you collect art?
  • What type?
  • How often?
  • How choose? What do you look for?
  • What’s your annual budget for purchasing?
  • Where do you keep your art (home / office)?
  • Are you looking to fill a space with art? Dimensions? Lighting?

The key is you want to interview your customer to find out what they’re looking for. Do they want to talk to you, do they want to buy, or do they like to waste people’s time.

Post networking – do you follow up with an email (a private show? A copy of a recent article about you (or that you wrote)?

Reaching Top 30% Students?

Based on feedback and other data it appears that the top 30% of college students welcome my product most. So, the question is how to perform a differentiated or focused targeting of this specific demographics (liberal arts freshmen and sophomores)? Working with universities directly might be the most effective way to go. Other than that, any thoughts?


Jay’s Answer:

  • Dean’s List
  • College Awards
  • Faculty Recommendations

A New Packaging Idea For Bath & Body Products

I have a small start-up bath and body company (not yet selling products).  I am in the design and packaging phase of the business plan and I am trying to come up with methods of adding value to my product via the packaging.  The packaging itself is very attractive (I’ve surveyed various women) and my USP (unique selling position) is that I will be creating products using various exotic ingredients.  I was thinking about adding hang-tags to my bottles with interesting facts about health/beauty related issues. (i.e. – When overwhelmed, close your eyes, touch the tips of your thumbs to that of the index fingers and inhale and exhale deeply. The breathing harmonizes blood pressure and concentration while the hand gesture conserves energy.)  I know that you probably need to know a lot more about my company but what do you think of the idea?


Jay’s Answer: It sounds like an idea worth testing with your target market.

Below The Line Campaign For Green Lipstick

I am currently working on a communication plan for an organic and environmentally friendly lipstick for my integrated communication marketing course. The product has to reflect glamorous, natural and eco-friendly attributes. I am asked to come up with innovative below the line communication tools. I have found a few but I was wondering if you had any ideas on how to market the product effectively and in an innovative way. The target market is women between 18 and 30 years old living in major cities as well as suburbs that respect the environment. I already use a teaser campaign via direct marketing, sponsorship of a non for profit organisation event, participation in beauty expositions, POP advertising, and giving samples away in major shopping centers. I need to come up with some other campaigns that really stand out, highlight the points of differences and are innovative. I would really appreciate your help.


Jay’s Answer: Focus your thinking on your target market:

  • What activities do they enjoy?
  • What organizations are they likely to be members of?
  • Where do they get their information on beauty products?