What Do I Know About
Creative Marketing Strategy?

I know creative.

I graduated from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) with a computer science & electrical engineering degree. Great software design is an art. The software I’ve designed has been used in everything from coin-operated video games to award-winning scientific software. I’ve expressed my creativity through television production, TEDx event curation, art, improvisational acting, gardening, writing, teaching, and martial arts.

I know marketing.

Marketing is explaining to an audience your solution to their problem and giving them a compelling reason to choose you. Having started my own companies, I know that simply having a great product or service isn’t (unfortunately) enough to make your business a success; you need to get noticed. It’s easy to spend other people’s money to market a business; when it’s your own money you want to make sure everything you do produces great results. I believe in incrementally making improvements; you may need time to evolve your business direction and identify your target market. You can get great results without spending a lot of money if you think creatively.

I know strategy.

The key to success is creating a great plan and implementing it. Since starting my first company in high school writing customized business software, I have since started many other businesses: computer consulting, trading card publisher, professional coaching, and a small business school. I know the steps it takes to target your audience and get their attention. My breadth of experience allows me to cross-pollinate ideas in exciting ways.

How Can I Help You?