Unique Raising Awareness Concert Name

Thank you for considering my question. I am a high school senior who is also an intern for Rebuilding Alliance, a not-for-profit international organization that supports and increases awareness for displaced and endangered Palestinian citizens and refugees. I have decided to organize a local music concert to help raise awareness for this organization. It is still early stages but there will be rock bands and possible dance DJs, as well. It will more than likely be held outdoors either in a local park or on the grounds of someone’s home. I’m a little stuck on finding a great, catchy, and contemporary name for this event.

Jay’s Answer: Here are a couple of thoughts for your concert:

  • Rockin’ & Rebuildin’
  • Banding Around Palestine

How Do I Get Appropriate Brand Visibility?

I really need your help with how to go about placing an appropriate ad (countries or agencies that would be interested in the product) to meet my target audience. What platform is cost effective for a startup? What and how can I effectively communicate and get high sales on my product? Is collaboration a bad idea or is it really necessary at these early stage? How do I partner with an influencer or another brand. I would really appreciate your kind and raw feedback ??

Jay’s Answer: Based on your local sales, what have you learned about who’s buying what you’re selling and why? That’s the starting point to figuring out your marketing strategy: how to have more of those people find you – and based on why others purchased from you – why they should also buy from you. There’s no magic way to quickly sell a lot of your product. More ads may help, but only if you’ve figure out how your previous ads worked well and then do that more. Influencers are overrated to drive sales – they are first looking to see that others are loving what you’re selling first, and if their followers are loving it, they may also share their enthusiasm. The bottom line: you need to do your (marketing) homework to sell your products.

Before you spend any money on advertising, work very hard to sell your product face-to-face and door-to-door. By asking people questions, listening to their answers, and watching their reactions to your sales pitch, you’ll learn how best to sell your product. And then, once you understand how to sell it, you can broadcast your message with advertising. Otherwise, your advertising is going to be a guess on what to say/show and your money likely wasted.

Tagline Needed For On-Boarding With Start In It

I’m looking for a creative name for our new hire on-boarding program. We want to get away from the general term “on-boarding” because it sounds so common and plain. We are a contract service company so something that has start but also describes the on-boarding process for our newly hired employees? Any suggestions??

Jay’s Answer: Here are some suggestions for your consideration:

  • Start You Up
  • Start ‘Em Up
  • Start The Relationship

Promotions In The Exhibition

I’m doing a Rip Curl exhibition promotion report. I think the full promotion and membership system can quickly attract consumers. I hope to arouse consumers’ desire to purchase by the method of customers spending 1,000$ and returning customers 200$ vouchers. On the other hand, you can put a universal 50$ voucher in the manual to attract more consumers to visit and achieve the purpose of increasing popularity. Do you have any suggestions for my views?

Jay’s Answer: When you give discounts, it gives people the idea that the product/service is over-priced. You’re also assuming that the reason people aren’t purchasing it is because of price. Have you researched why people do/don’t purchase? Have you determined the price perception in the target market?

Tagline For Luggage Manufacturing Unit

Looking for a Tagline for my brand name SPIN Luggage. Target Audience – Rural Indian Market retailers. SPIN depicts a 4 wheeler suitcase (basically a name associated with luggage. Earlier we were the distributors of the luggage and now stepping into manufacturing so we already have a clientele. We would want tagline to be short and catchy which communicates durability and affordability.

Jay’s Answer: “Affordable Lasting Design”

Name My “A Request For Proposal” (RFP) Project Tool

We have created a Response For Proposal (RFP) application for IT and Software Implementation companies using Salesforce. The RFP interface allows for the loading of all RFP documents prepared by different internal stakeholders of this RFP, to generate a complete proposal for submission. Side note: This application also helps with RFIs. We’d like some help coming up with a name for this RFP application.


Jay’s Answer: A couple of ideas off-the-top: “RFP-EZ” and “RFP Concierge”

How To Order Pricing In Subscription Model?

I have been thinking about how to order your pricing in a subscription model. These last couple of months i have been reading; ” Influence: The psychology of persuasion.” One of the models that the author addresses is reciprocity. He states that the compliance rate of the rejection- then- retreat technique is very significant. As an example; if we ask on a campus if a student would be willing to go to the zoo with youth juveniles every week for a year 83% would say no. But if we back off after this question and ask them to at least go once, 50% would say yes. While if we would just ask them to go once, the compliance rate is only 25%. So, by asking a more and then backing off you get your compliance rate to increase with 100%. This principle is caused by a combination of the reciprocity tendency and the contrast mis-reaction tendency. Now to the marketing part; i am wondering, why are all subscription models priced like this; free – $100 – $ 1000 ( from cheap to expensive). Wouldn’t it make more sense to go from expensive to cheap ( $ 1000 – $100 – free). By doing so people will make a concession and take the second option.


Jay’s Answer: The reciprocity model in the book is about a conversation. Start with a large demand, but with the goal of actually achieving a lessen demand. That works well when there’s one offer in front of a person at a time and you understand what the person needs.

When someone visits a website or reads your marketing materials, there’s likely no one from your company there to influence. The person reading may not be a serious lead, but is simply curious. So, would you rather have a random person interact with your company regularly (for free) or walk away? One common goal is to use the sales funnel to move them from free to very-low cost, and up the chain. You give them a taste and hope they buy a box to take home. If you start with a large price at first, the random person would read no further.

If you have a pre-qualified lead, then it would make sense to offer the $1000 option first.

Managing Names And “Brand Or Stage” Names

Trying to optimize for an artist website and the dilemma is with the difference in his name and his “brand.” His widowed wife is the steward of his work and she is trying to carry on his artistic legacy and develop an online shop. Everyone called him “Bob” (nicknamed from Robert). And in the body copy of the website and blog he is referred to as “Bob” (and/or Bob/Last Name). But his brand, the sig on his work when he signed it, is his Middle/Last name because his familiar name, Bob/Last name, is the same as another prominent artist (and also another prominent author). And so, in trying to distinguish himself in the art market, he began using his Middle/Last name. The domain name is his brand (Middle/Last name) not Bob/Last Name. So how to optimize headings… external links, etc? And if galleries are referring to him as Middle/Last name, but the blog on the website is “Bob” because that’s what he was called by everyone… then how best to establish a primary and hierarchy naming/brand and content structure? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Jay’s Answer: Experiment with the various ways you could show Bob’s name. What looks best to people? How do they compare from a search perspective? For the time being, try all the variations and see what works best (now that you have a clean slate) and optimize from there.

Title For My Brand & Show

I have a YouTube and Instagram presence under Marta Laura Zayas. I started it with my name not thinking it would grow. I would like to rebrand the channel name and mine. My audience is mostly women over 40. Topics include health and beauty. Occasionally technology and special interest causes; the homeless, gentrification, or other community issues. I would like to focus on health topics but not loose my opportunity to include special interest issues. I hope to be a wellness coach. What name could I use on my YouTube channel that I could also use as my brand?


Jay’s Answer: Here are some naming approaches:

  • Z Code for Living
  • Z Club
  • Life Recipes
  • Happy Dose
  • The Z Code
  • The Club

At this point, why not leverage your name in your brand? For example, “Be Well, Marta” or “Inspiration by Marta”?

How To Turn Software License To Subscription?

I currently sell my software for $750, per user license. This is perpetual license, and every year they pay 20% for maintenance. More and more customers are asking about subscription model. I’m looking for successful stories of transitioning from perpetual software license to subscription model – not Adobe, but small software vendors, distributors, without millions of customers. Looking for pricing ideas, how to ‘sell’ new idea to customers.


Jay’s Answer: In general, subscription means cloud-based software (think SaaS). You could transition your desktop license into a time-expiration version (rolling out a new version to support this “feature”), but it can be tricky to do this right.

From a marketing perspective, these articles may provide the insight you’re looking for: