Speak With Passion

Speak With Passion

Since most of us are scared to speak in public, we tend to give “safe” speeches (lots of slides, lots of facts, and 100% not memorable). Yet we all have heard passionate speakers inspire their audiences to make a change (in their business, in their life, or in their community). What’s the secret to these great speakers?

They speak with passion.

Great speakers know the key to giving passionate speeches revolve around “heartfelt personal stories”, which give the audience a chance to experience your life vicariously. A well-crafted story that not only entertains but also teaches, is memorable and exciting to hear.

There are many people who can help polish your presentation with improved body language, voice, slide presentation, etc. However, if your speech’s content isn’t full of passion, at best you’ll give a highly polished forgettable talk. I can make you a better speaker by fundamentally helping you to craft you speech into a heartfelt personal story that integrates with the information you wish to present concisely.

So whether you’re considering giving a speech or regularly give public speeches, work with me to give the speech you always dreamed of giving, but never had the skills or confidence to present.

How I Help

I work with you to first identify your key passions, help you craft a speech that wows audiences, and then coach you to present your speech with confidence and personal comfort. I’ve helped my television show guests feel comfortable telling their stories on camera and worked with speakers to give inspired public speeches for both large and small audiences.

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