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Need Fun, Engaging Titles For Financial Ed Topics

Looking for engaging and catch titles for various financial education topics to be offered at a local high school where we have a student-run CU branch. Topics to be presented in an “ask the expert” casual environment, w/ handouts as well, and will be available for both students and staff. Looking to market so they are enticing for any age to inquire, teen or established adult. Topics so far are: How to but a used car (selection and financing); Credit Reports – the importance of good credit, how to establish and maintain, etc.; Summer jobs (where to look, tips, best foot forward, etc.; and mortgages – preparing to buy a home, etc.


Jay’s Answer: 

  • Got wheels? (or Got a ride?)
  • Give yourself some credit!
  • Who wants a job?
  • Home, sweet home!

Name For September Fundraiser For Non Profit

We are looking for a name for our September fundraiser. We are a non-profit schools foundation supporting education. We are located in central WA State which is a very agricultural area, fruit, vegetables, hops, grapes. Big wine and micro-brew business area.

The event previously was called AppleFEST but we are changing it up this year. It will be held on a weeknight at an outdoor location. We will be serving bratwurst and condiments, salads, etc. Oktoberfest like but in September.

Very casual, low key evening with a small silent/dessert auction, live presentation and of course a Raise the Paddle for donations. We considered calling it Harvest Brats & Brews but because of our affiliation with the schools district and students our board doesn’t think this would be appropriate. 


Jay’s Answer: 

  • SeptemberFest
  • SchoolFest
  • HarvestFest

Slogan For Library Conference

I’m looking for a slogan for an upcoming library conference. The conference will be held in Pittsburgh, PA so I wanted to include something unique to Pittsburgh (bridges or gateway), but I wanted it to still be in line with library themes (community, technology, education, inclusion,literacy, etc.).

Mediocre Examples: “Bridging Communities” and “Bridge to the Past. Gateway to the Future”



Jay’s Answer:  Why not simply “Bridging the Future”?

Tagline For Athletic Club

Hi, I work for an athletic club located in a metro area (Downtown Athletic Club in downtown Eugene, Oregon). It’s a private club with a very traditional image and older membership. We are trying to come up with a slogan or tagline that appeals to the downtown employee, probably younger and breaks down the perception that we are elitist and too expensive, without saying, “Hey, we’re cheaper than you might think.” We often hear people say, “We never even asked what membership rates were because we figured we couldn’t afford it.”


Jay’s Answer: 

  • The (Strong) Heart of Eugene
  • Fitness For Everyone
  • Fitness For Every Body

Tagline Needed For My New Wall Art/Vinyl Business

I’m in the process of starting my business. I just received my business license & I’m getting into the logo part of it but I’m just stuck on a tagline. My business name is House and Home Wall Art; I make vinyl quotes, subway art & customized family names. I have been adding some new pieces on burlap as well but I’m mainly focused on the vinyl wall art. I’m into rustic and bohemian styles so I would love a tagline that touched on that in some way.


Jay’s Answer: Given that your main business isn’t articulated in your tagline, why not clarify it. For example: Specializing In Rustic Vinyl Artwork

Brand Name And Slogans For A Drinking Bottles

Hello. I desire to start a health company business but am struggling to find a name for it. Well,i need a great names for a drinking bottles company, also some products names – creative way people drink water,tea or other liquid and stay hydrated. Company offers a range of innovative drink bottles that are both healthy (eco friendly) and fashionable(luxury). So great hydration solutions and different bottles that will tell their story.

Target public: young fit people and professionals, enthusiastic and inspire to discover different healthy liquid recipes and demonstrate/show their beauty, spiritual wealth and mythical success to others.

I will support some charity partners with a small percentage of sales going toward bringing clean water to the world’s poorest communities or similar.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Bling Bottles
  • High Dration
  • Goddess Bottles (if targeting affluent women)
  • Divine Bottles