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Unique Raising Awareness Concert Name

Thank you for considering my question. I am a high school senior who is also an intern for Rebuilding Alliance, a not-for-profit international organization that supports and increases awareness for displaced and endangered Palestinian citizens and refugees. I have decided to organize a local music concert to help raise awareness for this organization. It is still early stages but there will be rock bands and possible dance DJs, as well. It will more than likely be held outdoors either in a local park or on the grounds of someone’s home. I’m a little stuck on finding a great, catchy, and contemporary name for this event.

Jay’s Answer: Here are a couple of thoughts for your concert:

  • Rockin’ & Rebuildin’
  • Banding Around Palestine

Tagline Needed For On-Boarding With Start In It

I’m looking for a creative name for our new hire on-boarding program. We want to get away from the general term “on-boarding” because it sounds so common and plain. We are a contract service company so something that has start but also describes the on-boarding process for our newly hired employees? Any suggestions??

Jay’s Answer: Here are some suggestions for your consideration:

  • Start You Up
  • Start ‘Em Up
  • Start The Relationship

Tagline For Luggage Manufacturing Unit

Looking for a Tagline for my brand name SPIN Luggage. Target Audience – Rural Indian Market retailers. SPIN depicts a 4 wheeler suitcase (basically a name associated with luggage. Earlier we were the distributors of the luggage and now stepping into manufacturing so we already have a clientele. We would want tagline to be short and catchy which communicates durability and affordability.

Jay’s Answer: “Affordable Lasting Design”

Name My “A Request For Proposal” (RFP) Project Tool

We have created a Response For Proposal (RFP) application for IT and Software Implementation companies using Salesforce. The RFP interface allows for the loading of all RFP documents prepared by different internal stakeholders of this RFP, to generate a complete proposal for submission. Side note: This application also helps with RFIs. We’d like some help coming up with a name for this RFP application.


Jay’s Answer: A couple of ideas off-the-top: “RFP-EZ” and “RFP Concierge”

Title For My Brand & Show

I have a YouTube and Instagram presence under Marta Laura Zayas. I started it with my name not thinking it would grow. I would like to rebrand the channel name and mine. My audience is mostly women over 40. Topics include health and beauty. Occasionally technology and special interest causes; the homeless, gentrification, or other community issues. I would like to focus on health topics but not loose my opportunity to include special interest issues. I hope to be a wellness coach. What name could I use on my YouTube channel that I could also use as my brand?


Jay’s Answer: Here are some naming approaches:

  • Z Code for Living
  • Z Club
  • Life Recipes
  • Happy Dose
  • The Z Code
  • The Club

At this point, why not leverage your name in your brand? For example, “Be Well, Marta” or “Inspiration by Marta”?

New Event Name Needed – Women In Business Luncheon

We currently have an annual Women on the Move luncheon that follows our power women feature in our publication. Women are nominated and selected for their incredible contributions to their work place and/or their community. This event is being overhauled to liven it up, and i want it to be clear with a new name and colors – bold is the theme! Also looking to encompass more generations into this event – ideally, younger women would want to attend as an opportunity to network with these high power women.


Jay’s Answer: Some ideas to consider: “Power of Women” “Amazing Women” “Women Rising (Up)”

Name And Tag Line For High School 50th Reunion

Need a name and tag line that excites people near and far about returning to celebrate with classmates 50 years later. They will be invited to share a low-key gala at an oceanfront country club and a couple days of hometown events. The title and tagline needs to reach out on this golden anniversary to a diverse group of individuals and engage even those who are not excited about celebrating 50 years of anything.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Your Golden Ticket Awaits
  • Go For the Gold
  • Share the Golden Memories

Bringing Our Contact Centre Home

We are about to commence a programme to bring our contact centre from an outsourcer in a different country back into our head office. We need a good name for the project – as the best our committee came up with was the Contact Centre relocation project. (Inspiring, right?!?)


Jay’s Answer: “Bringing It Home” or “Contact Begins At Home”

Tagline for Baked Goods With Nuts & Coconut, Homemade Nut Butters

I need to refresh my brand and make it more inclusive to customers. My products are predominantly nuts, seeds, coconut and nut butters free from preservatives & refined sugars. Vegetarian, paleo, keto, low carb friendly, but anyone can enjoy my products (obviously just not anyone with a nut allergy!) All my products are a healthier alternative. I need something quirky to catch the attention of potential customers please.


Jay’s Answer:

  • A Crunch Above
  • Do Your Crunches!
  • Less Sugar. More Crunch