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Tagline For An Ob-gyn Office

I am looking for ideas on a tag line for our OG-GYN healthcare practice. We have all female providers. Some ideas I had are:

-No one knows women’s health better
-Silvertown Women’s Center….the center for women
-Women’s health is our business

None of them really stand out and I would love any ideas you have. Thank you!


Jay’s Answer: While some of your prospective clients may like women helping to treat them, my hunch is that gender is secondary to skill/effectiveness. Focus on showcasing your expertise, not simply your providers.

Need A Tagline For An Elementary School’s 60th Anniversary

We’re developing a brochure for our annual fund drive and this school year is our 60th anniversary. We are a co-ed Christian school for grades 2K – 6th grade. We have a strong emphasis on science,technology, engineering, art and math, or STEAM as it is known.


Jay’s Answer:  Celebrate the past 60 years of achievements of your school students, rather than say “we’ve been doing it for 60 years.” Or, if you’ve enhanced your approach to teaching STEM/STEAM, then focus on the next 60 years of achievements based on your cutting edge education.

Need Name For Women’s Monthly Chat Forum

I need a name for a faith-based women networking initiative. I would prefer a name that is neutral and inviting for all women who want to get together for spiritual encouragement, business-related discussions, home and family, etc. It’s basically a gathering of women who are women but happen to be Christians and are interested in all things women but are not put off by the faith based element. This group will have go on annual retreats, meet quarterly for discussions on health, finance, fashion & beauty, home, family etc focusing on a different topic at each quarterly meeting, etc. The group is non-racial and open to anyone who wants a good time


Jay’s Answer: 

  • The Soul of Networking
  • Faith of Women
  • Faith and Women Network(ing) (aka “FAWN”)

Name My Kettle Korn Business

i live in lubbock texas and im selling kettle corn so far its just jasons kettle corn. i would like some ideas but not like too western. Thanks!!!


Jay’s Answer: Finding a name for your business can be tricky. It depends on many variables: who you’re selling to, where you’re located, your competition, your uniqueness, and your branding goals. While you make like the business name, it may be a poor choice for the public who doesn’t know who you are or why they should buy from you. Given that, if you think your business name “works” – go for it.

Name For Late Night Sex Positive Show Female Host

The host is 25 years old. The first few episodes will consist of interviewing women who have been in the sex industry somehow (ex strippers and a cam girl). Show is very sex positive, not trashy. Topics include relationships, sex, etc. One episode will feature a sex toy as a topic. It’s a more real version of what we all want to talk about. Ideas for a name please !


Jay’s Answer: 

  • The Pleasure Show
  • Pleasure Is Our Business
  • Lights On Sex
  • Drive By Sex

Catchy Appropriate Names For Cafe Food Stations

We are looking to re-market and brand food service concepts in company operated cafes; college/private school locations. Creative names needed for concepts including: Salad Bar, Pizza/Pasta, Entree, Deli, Grill, International Station, Breakfast, Soup. Trying to tie in healthy, organic (meaning descriptors of items in products-IE Great Grains, etc.), fresh, local.


Jay’s Answer:  Why change from a name that people can recognize into a name that may be vague or confusing?

  • Salad Bar = Eat Your Veggies
  • Pizza/Pasta = Carbo-Load
  • Deli = Carnivores Welcome
  • Breakfast = Rise and Shine

Pleasure Pages Online Adult Entertainment Guide

I am launching an online directory service that caters to the adult market 23+. no gender or racial bias. It is exclusive to adult entertainment ranging from organisers of bachelorette parties right through to swingers clubs etc. It is an online advertising platform that allows a person to tastefully search for the ‘less ordinary’ or even ‘slightly risqué type of service or industry. I am struggling with branding and tagline. I was thinking along the route of Mild to Wild as a theme. Everyone has there own idea of what pleasure is to them and so I am looking at somehow incorporating it. It has to be fun, daring and bold while retaining class.


Jay’s Answer: To Each Their Own (Pleasure)

Meditation And Mindfulness, The Missing Link

I am looking for a good title and tag line to get attention for people to want to take my classes to learn meditation (easily and effortlessly). Currently I say Meditation and Mindfulness is the the Missing Link to health and happiness. It brings the inner connection that makes things happen. rather than expecting outside connections to do the work for you.


Jay’s Answer: 

  • Healing Begins Within
  • Are You Listening?
  • Love Your Life!
  • Scottsdale’s Inner Wisdom Gym