For Small Businesses

Small Business

Whether you have a B2B (Business-To-Business) or B2C (Business-To-Consumer) company, the common issues my small business clients (1-15 employees and yearly revenue under $1M) get help with include:

  • How Can I Get New/More/Better Clients?
  • How Can I Stand Out In Crowded Market Place?
  • When Can I Take A Vacation?
  • How Can I Position Myself As An Expert?
  • How Can I Network Better?
  • How Can I Stay Motivated?
  • How Can I Get More Help For My Business?

How I Help

If you don’t already have a marketing strategy, I strongly suggest you create one. The strategy is your touchstone, helping you to remember: who you’re targeting, your competition, your unique value proposition, and why people should trust you.

Using your marketing strategy, I creatively help to solve your problems, offering solutions that fit your marketplace, values, and resources. I can even manage a team of experts to help you implement your marketing plans.

I can help with small tasks such as: reviewing your marketing materials (including flyers, website, business cards, and letters to prospects), identifying key partners for you to work with, and innovating new products/services for you to offer.

I am also available for public speaking, meeting facilitation, and private seminars.

Get Started

Contact me for a free 15-minute phone consultation. Let’s discuss your business goals and see how we can best work together.

I’ve also answered many small business questions on my blog. Read the blog (and subscribe to my newsletter) for many good ideas.