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Promotions In The Exhibition

I’m doing a Rip Curl exhibition promotion report. I think the full promotion and membership system can quickly attract consumers. I hope to arouse consumers’ desire to purchase by the method of customers spending 1,000$ and returning customers 200$ vouchers. On the other hand, you can put a universal 50$ voucher in the manual to attract more consumers to visit and achieve the purpose of increasing popularity. Do you have any suggestions for my views?

Jay’s Answer: When you give discounts, it gives people the idea that the product/service is over-priced. You’re also assuming that the reason people aren’t purchasing it is because of price. Have you researched why people do/don’t purchase? Have you determined the price perception in the target market?

What Pictures To Use For Customer Centricity Campaign On Behaviour

Can you suggest what pictures can be used as teasers as a precursor to announce launch of customer centricity campaign for internal employees. The campaign focuses on being on time for meetings, integrity, putting yourself in customer shoes, civility, honesty, punctuality, stop undermining colleagues in front of customers.


Jay’s Answer: For a moment, ignore the teaser. Focus on the campaign itself. Why is there a need for such a campaign? Is there a company-wide problem that’s causing problems with clients – or is this a problem with a few people within your company? Is there a way you propose to measure where you are now and where you want to get to? Why should your employees care about this issue – other than the fact that management told them to care?

Alternative To Ribbon Cutting For Pharmacy Opening

I don’t want another grip & grin boring ribbon cutting for health clinic within a pharmacy. Looking for creative ideas. Background – it is a pharmacy chain, it is in a beach town, the clinic will have a nurse for minor medical advise & treatment, the nurse will be affiliated with a hospital, the event will in in the morning, the space is very small within the pharmacy. I’d like the event to be interactive with for media & customers. we could set up outside.


Jay’s Answer:  Have a wellness fair instead of a ribbon cutting: free classes, product samples, exercise classes, and screenings/measurements (blood pressure, BMI, eye exam, etc).

Grand Opening – Ribbon Cutting Ideas

Legend Boats is a aluminum boat and pontoon manufacturer in Canada and we are opening our 3rd brand run store in Montreal and we are looking for a creative concept or alternative to a ribbon cutting ceremony. The ceremony will be mid July and at 8-9am.

Our brand’s mission is to create memories and we focus on family content. We sell fishing boats and pontoons that can be used for fishing, waterskiing, or cruising.

We acquired the location this year, it previously was a boat dealership and has one of the largest showrooms in the regions.


Jay’s Answer: An inflatable pool, with a ribbon across the width, and a remote controlled boat cutting through the ribbon!

Any Fresh Ideas For Loan Promotions?

I’ve recently obtain a job in the banking industry and I have been task to create new promotions for our upcoming Christmas season that will attract new customers. I’m tired of the same old low interest rates, waiver on loan payments for particular months and giving gifts to new customers. Now I need something more attractive for our customers. What would you like your bank to offer you when it comes to Loans? Any suggestions?


Jay’s Answer:

  • A chance for a zero-interest loan at signing.
  • A donation to a favorite charity.

Alternative To Ribbon Cutting For Science Center

We are opening a children’s museum focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). At our “ribbon cutting ceremony”, we would like to do something more science-themed than the standard scissors and ribbon. Any ideas? Needs to be safe to do indoors and around children. we only have very limited budget.


Jay’s Answer: How about cutting a large mobius strip/ribbon lengthwise, and then recutting it?

Sell Commercial / Residential Vacant Land

Need suggestions on selling 10 acres of vacant land in a fast developing city. Across the street to the property I’m selling, is 14 acres that was purchased to build a 100k sq ft medical complex. I would like to target future employees of the hospital to buy this land. Im yet to find out when development starts. My property has been listed for 345 days.


Jay’s Answer: I’d contact your local planning commission to see if the hospital has filed building plans and if so, where the plans are in the approval process. Why would the employees wish to buy the land – to reduce a commute? As a minimum, can you erect signage directed at these employees?

Senior Safety Guides / Monthly Print & Online

Since I have worked with the senior population for many years and have written several articles about how seniors can avoid becoming victims of fraud and phone scams, I now want to publish a monthly print and online newsletter to promote senior safety.

Topics will include tips for staying safe at home, during hospital or nursing home stays, tips for safe travel and how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud or being scammed by telemarketers. The list of available subjects to write about is practically endless. Small local business ads will fund the print newsletter that will be displayed locally in senior oriented businesses and community groups.

Future plans include organizing and holding free Senior Safety Seminars. The seminars will be sponsored and funded by local businesses that cater to seniors. I need a name for the monthly newsletter and matching domain name. My local community area is called South Shore but South Shore Senior Safety Guide seems a bit too long.


Jay’s Answer: Perhaps you could take your basic concept (after you’ve tested it), and use it in other communities as well, localizing the content as appropriate. If so, you could make it:

Senior Safety Guide: South Shore Edition
Senior Safety Guide: Small Town Edition

alternatively, a slight name change to Safer Seniors Guide would allow you to grab the URL ( as well.

Pet First Aid/CPR Training Business

I have recently started a Pet First Aid/CPR training business. I teach Vet. Technicians, pet groomers, Kennel owners and pet owners. I would like some help in finding the best marketing outlet to use and advertising that will bring in the best response. I have had some success in cold calling and sending post cards in the surrounding area. What other ideas could i use to reach and build my clientele? The first 6 months business was very good but over the last several months it has been very poor.


Jay’s Answer: Since you’re likely targeting one region, besides cold calling/postcards, what about advertising in pet-related-business newsletters? What about offering to teach a class in their facility for their clientele? What about the local pet adoption agencies? What feedback have you received from previous class attendees? What did they LOVE about your class? Any stories about how your class saved their pet’s life?