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Any Fresh Ideas For Loan Promotions?

I’ve recently obtain a job in the banking industry and I have been task to create new promotions for our upcoming Christmas season that will attract new customers. I’m tired of the same old low interest rates, waiver on loan payments for particular months and giving gifts to new customers. Now I need something more attractive for our customers. What would you like your bank to offer you when it comes to Loans? Any suggestions?


Jay’s Answer:

  • A chance for a zero-interest loan at signing.
  • A donation to a favorite charity.

Alternative To Ribbon Cutting For Science Center

We are opening a children’s museum focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). At our “ribbon cutting ceremony”, we would like to do something more science-themed than the standard scissors and ribbon. Any ideas? Needs to be safe to do indoors and around children. we only have very limited budget.


Jay’s Answer: How about cutting a large mobius strip/ribbon lengthwise, and then recutting it?

Sell Commercial / Residential Vacant Land

Need suggestions on selling 10 acres of vacant land in a fast developing city. Across the street to the property I’m selling, is 14 acres that was purchased to build a 100k sq ft medical complex. I would like to target future employees of the hospital to buy this land. Im yet to find out when development starts. My property has been listed for 345 days.


Jay’s Answer: I’d contact your local planning commission to see if the hospital has filed building plans and if so, where the plans are in the approval process. Why would the employees wish to buy the land – to reduce a commute? As a minimum, can you erect signage directed at these employees?

Senior Safety Guides / Monthly Print & Online

Since I have worked with the senior population for many years and have written several articles about how seniors can avoid becoming victims of fraud and phone scams, I now want to publish a monthly print and online newsletter to promote senior safety.

Topics will include tips for staying safe at home, during hospital or nursing home stays, tips for safe travel and how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud or being scammed by telemarketers. The list of available subjects to write about is practically endless. Small local business ads will fund the print newsletter that will be displayed locally in senior oriented businesses and community groups.

Future plans include organizing and holding free Senior Safety Seminars. The seminars will be sponsored and funded by local businesses that cater to seniors. I need a name for the monthly newsletter and matching domain name. My local community area is called South Shore but South Shore Senior Safety Guide seems a bit too long.


Jay’s Answer: Perhaps you could take your basic concept (after you’ve tested it), and use it in other communities as well, localizing the content as appropriate. If so, you could make it:

Senior Safety Guide: South Shore Edition
Senior Safety Guide: Small Town Edition

alternatively, a slight name change to Safer Seniors Guide would allow you to grab the URL ( as well.

Pet First Aid/CPR Training Business

I have recently started a Pet First Aid/CPR training business. I teach Vet. Technicians, pet groomers, Kennel owners and pet owners. I would like some help in finding the best marketing outlet to use and advertising that will bring in the best response. I have had some success in cold calling and sending post cards in the surrounding area. What other ideas could i use to reach and build my clientele? The first 6 months business was very good but over the last several months it has been very poor.


Jay’s Answer: Since you’re likely targeting one region, besides cold calling/postcards, what about advertising in pet-related-business newsletters? What about offering to teach a class in their facility for their clientele? What about the local pet adoption agencies? What feedback have you received from previous class attendees? What did they LOVE about your class? Any stories about how your class saved their pet’s life?

How Announce Product Consolidation?

Our product series is a year old & is building brand equity. We are consolidating the series from 5 financial products to 3 as a means to better organize them based on how clients use them. Therefore, the product brand is not changing but the individual names are due to this reorganization. Do I move forward with a campaign message that includes the old product names or move towards the revitalize names sans explanation and focus on the benefits of the consolidation? It seems simpler to exclude the mentioning of the old names and focus on the brand & the simplification of the reorganization to focus on the new product names.


Jay’s Answer: Do your clients care about your reorganization? If so, then explain the rationale and educate on the renaming’s strategy. If not, then simply phase in the new name (version “2”), explaining the consolidation from a product/pricing perspective.

How to Leverage Other’s Networks?

I am a mental health author and I am looking for advice on how to find well known people in my field. Once I find these “experts” I would like to tap into their huge network of fans by contributing helpful advice to their fan base through guest blogs, social media posts and article/blog comments.
Do you have any advice on how to find these people and the process itself would be appreciated or know of someone who could help me? If so I would appreciate the help.


Jay’s Answer: Since you’re asking a large favor from people, you need to provide a great reason for them to help you. To start with, why should they trust your advice? What special knowledge do you possess that they would gladly share with their network? If your advice is incorrect, then that may affect their credibility in their network – what promise will you make to shield them from risk? What makes your request especially hard is that the health field is very sensitive to fakery.

To find these people, start by identifying who specifically is reaching the audience you want to connect with, and then offer to write a guest blog article for them. You’ll need to provide samples of your work for them to ensure that the quality meets their criteria.

How To Increase Kindergarten Enrollment

I am a Marketing Executive in children education. I work in the headquarters dealing with kindergartens branding & marketing. We have 32 kindergartens which are
company own,  in the coming year we are looking ahead to venture into franchising.

At the moment my team mate and i are working on the branding, all kindergartens are heading in for a major renovation to achieve a new look. We are also working on the strategies to enroll more students.

We are different from other kindergartens, we are known as the Multiple Intelligence-based Preschools. We teach children using Multiple Intelligence. The founder of Multiple Intelligence was Dr.Howard Gardner from Howard University.

Being different is good but at the moment we have many competitors which may market
their kindergartens as technology base kindergartens and so on.

Due to that I would  need some advice on how to attract parents to our kindergarten. What can we do or say in our marketing strategies that will boost enrollment. Our tagline is Learning, your child’s way. We believe every child is different and it is important for us to discover their approach  towards learning.


Jay’s Answer: As a first step, I’d suggest talking to your existing clients’ parents and finding out why they chose your organization. After all, they could have chosen one of your competitor’s kindergartens, but they didn’t. It may be because of your Multiple Intelligence curriculum, or it may be something else (price, location, safety, etc.). By asking a number of parents, at a number of different schools, you’ll get some initial insights. From these insights you’ll have some clues about your best path to improve your marketing and build your franchise.

Contacting C-Level HR Executives

We are an investment company offering a free seminar to publicly traded company employees who may receive stock options as compensation. The seminar or lunch and learn would showcase our ability to help explain options to their employees who receive them. We obviously want to start at the Director of Human Resources level. How best to reach these Directors? A professional letter and follow up phone call?


Jay’s Answer: It’s vital to understand why the HR staff would allow you to sell to their employees. Once you figure that out, then a letter + phone call is a great approach to start with. Or, if there’s a organization for local HR professionals, perhaps you can present your offer to them group of them?

Building Your B2B Marketing

How To Build Your B2B Marketing(Photo by Andrew Ashton)

If your business is marketing its services to another business (B2B = Business-To-Business), it is vital to know that B2B’s needs are very different from B2C’s (Business-To-Consumer) emotional issues. Do you know the top 6 B2B needs?

  1. Increased Profitability. While obvious, it’s important to remember that businesses exist to make money.
  2. Increased Power. Business want power (influence) over their markets. Business employees seek power within their company.
  3. Decreased Risk. Businesses seek a “sure thing” to minimize wasted resources.
  4. Decreased Hassle. An business opportunity may be a sure thing that’s highly profitable, but the amount of effort to break into that market may be cost prohibitive.
  5. Increased Praise. While praise comes from individuals, it’s a core group individuals that create a target market. That’s why it’s important for a business to both focus on top-down (leadership/management) as well as bottom-up strategies.
  6. Increased Fun. Building a business takes time. The long-term motivation of money and power isn’t generally enough to guide a business owner through short-term problems. That’s why in the midst of all the work, there needs to be a vision for why people choose to come together to do great things.

Be sure that your B2B marketing is conveyed using facts (see: Marketing Foreplay), and touches upon many of a business’ “pain points”.