What Is A Good Tagline For Our Training Programs?

We are looking for a tagline for all of our human resource training programs that we have developed. (ie. Edge Program, CLP/Cookson Leadership Program, Planning academy/Harvard & Stanford, and Six Sigma.

What we came up with was-Explore or Expand or Excite…….(not to sure if this works)

Also on the training tagline should we also build on it…..and would that become a larger tagline for HR?


Jay’s Answer: I’m assuming that the tagline is for internal use only (you’re not planning to market it to the general public) and that the purpose of the tagline is to increase internal awareness of HR training.

The tagline’s purpose is to concisely specify the benefit to the client. What’s the benefit to your training? Educational? A basis for performance/salary review? Mandated by internal QC circles? Required for management?

“Explore – Expand – Excite” doesn’t work as a tagline, because the benefit isn’t clear to the reader. For example, consider:

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder
  • Don’t Get Left Behind
  • Leadership Begins With A Single Step
  • Stay On Top Of The Latest Developments
  • Is Your Resume up-to-date?
  • Learn Industry Best Practices

As for a HR tagline, it sounds like you want HR to become an sought-after internal resource. Again, the benefit is key. For example:

  • What Do You Want To Achieve?
  • Helping You To Improve Your Skills

Focus on the key principle of creating a tagline, and you’ll be well on your way.

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