Does Your Website Jingle?

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Because people are being saturated with marketing messages, your message needs to be on-target but also worth remembering.

To keep your website’s content memorable, incorporate more than text to your site: photos, videos, audio, surveys, widgets, etc. The goal is the different components should “fit” into a larger picture for your marketing strategy’s success.

For example, the free Jingle Generator is an attempt to use interactive media to build extra interest in the company’s offerings. The core idea is to attract small business owners to create a canned jingle (for a radio spot). The experience is fun. Here’s a jingle it generated for Many Good Ideas:

The marketing campaign attracts the target market (small business), but it doesn’t connect the jingle (the piece) with how the company can help improve your business (the big strategy picture).

You don’t just want website traffic. You want traffic that wants to pay for your products or services.

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