A Unique Name For A Wedding/Event Planner?

I am going to school to become a wedding and event planner, and i need help coming up with a name that is unique,and a lot of other business don’t have.


Jay’s Answer: Believe it or not, a business name is one of the last things I tell my clients to create (yet it’s often the first thing people want to create). Why? Because the name needs to appeal to your target customers. (For more information read my previous article on creating a marketing strategy )

If you’ve clearly identified your target market, what offering you have that’s different/better than the competition, and why you should be trusted.

But wait. You’re in school now, and want to start somewhere. You’re new, don’t have the contacts, list of glowing testimonials, nor a good understanding (perhaps) of the whole wedding/event planning business.

So you start by picking a specific area you want to focus on. It turns out that saying “I can plan any event” is much less interesting to prospective clients than saying, “I specialize in weddings for 40-year-olds who are getting re-married in the Greater Boston area”. But won’t you lose out on clients who aren’t 40-something, or are getting married for the first time, or even a business that wants you to plan their holiday extravanganza? No – you wouldn’t be getting their business in the first place. People are looking for specialists. When you think you’ve broken a bone, who do you see: a general doctor or a orthopedist? You pick the specialist to match the problem.

You wanted a unique name. That’s not as important as you think. It’s not about the name – it’s about the marketing plan of that business. “Secmele’s Wedding Planning” could be as good as name as “Weddings Galore” or even “Corporate Shindigs”. It all depends on your clients first, and your marketing positioning.

3 thoughts on “A Unique Name For A Wedding/Event Planner?

  1. I think that is a horrible idea. To start a business and website or business cards etc….you need to have a name. how would you introduce yourself?? you can not just hand someone a napkin with your first name on it and say “im a wedding planner, call”……go for it! Think of a name and contact the city you live in for further details

  2. The problem any new business has is how to market itself. There’s nothing wrong with putting up flyers, making business cards, networking, etc. to start your business. In this mode, you’re trying to attract anyone to your business. The end result? You attract no one. It’s not a specific enough message. In some cases, by your sheer personality, you can get a client from time-to-time, but the cost in your personal time is enormous (and not reliably repeatable/sustainable). This may be a way to test the waters for business (and fine-tune your message).

    The best way to start your business is to create a marketing strategy, or at least a very clear message to a select niche. It’ll save you both time and money.

  3. I mean you don’t have to go over the top, printing your business name on everywhere when you just started. But you still need a business name in order to present yourself as a company. I think something easy to remember is good enough, as business owners, like you said, need to have a marketing plan ready as it’s the zeast to the business success.

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