Business With Passion: Cynthia Glinka


The San Francisco Bay Area social dance scene wouldn’t be the same without the influence of Cynthia Glinka. Dance coach, choreographer and entertainer, Cynthia brings expertise, skill and enthusiasm for social dance to all ages and a variety of events.

Her success with pre-teens is unmatched through her Manners in Motion series. Cynthia is founder and creative director of RejuveDance, promoting social dance as a path to physical, mental and emotional health and wellness. Her various dance programs for all ages have been featured at social and corporate affairs locally and abroad and through private and group lessons. Glinka prepares wedding couples for their “first dance.”

Cynthia has served as choreographer for several Hollywood films, has appeared in national television commercials, documentaries and theatrical productions.



Phone: (415) 485-5500

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