Help Me Name My Rehabbed Furniture Store

I am about to open a used, but rehabbed and painted furniture store. I have a few apartments and know several other landlords who end up with abandoned furniture that tenants discard. As an environmentalist, I cringe every time this furniture ends up in the landfill. I started a hobby of taking these odds and ends furniture pieces and painting them without regard of perfection. It’s a lot of fun, and I just let loose with the creativity. The result is uniquely painted pieces that hopefully, will find a new life outside of the local dump.

I’m trying to come up with a name for the furniture store, that is neither uppity or “used furniture” sounding. Any ideas for a catchy-sounding name? The storefront is small but there’s enough room for lettering on a huge window. I’d like to catch the attention of all income-levels and personal tastes, if possible.


Jay’s Answer:

  • FUNiture
  • Furniture Reloved
  • 2nd Chance Furniture
  • 2nd Time Around Furniture
  • 2nd Life Furniture

4 thoughts on “Help Me Name My Rehabbed Furniture Store

  1. I suggest you name it something that ties into your passion, the environment. In any event, people tend to choose products or services that are tied into a greater cause.

    Here are a few ideas:

    – Environmentals
    – Down To Earth Furnishings
    – Natural Savings

  2. Yehuda – The #1 goal for naming your business should be to articulate what the business is about to prospective customers. I’ve seen too many businesses go unnoticed because the name didn’t clearly articulate what the business is selling or to whom. While tying the name into one’s passion is a nice idea – it’s more important to tie the name into something your customers care about.

    When buying furniture, are customers primarily looking to support a cause or looking for something attractive/functional to be put into their residence? It’s better (in my opinion) to pick a name aligned with your customer’s primary motivations, not the business owner’s.

  3. Just found your blog. I see that this post is from long ago…how is the store doing? Did you find a name? I’m just in the beginning stages of the same thing myself.

  4. I haven’t heard back from the store’s owner in a long while, so I don’t know how the store is doing. But even an awesome name alone won’t make a store a success. It’s vital to have a full marketing plan to figure out who your customers are, why they’re likely to shop at your business, and how you’ll attract their attention.

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