Business With Passion: San Francisco Fleet Week (Part 1)


Part 2 can be seen here.

Episode theme: The people involved in making San Francisco’s Fleet Week 2010: Navy personnel from the USS Makin Island, organizers, and the heart-thumping airshow performers (including the U.S. Navy’s Flight Demonstration Squadron – the Blue Angels).

The USS Makin Island (LHD-8) is the last of the Wasp-class amphibious assault ships. It has a hybrid engineering propulsion plant (which includes two gas turbines and two auxiliary electric propulsion motors). Since 75% of a amphibious ship’s life is spent under 12 knots, the hybrid system saves lots of gas and money. Crew interviews: Lieutenant Commander Joel Stewart, Lieutenant Junior Grade Lauryn Dempsey, Electrician’s Mate First Class (EM1) Arnel Senatin,  Air Traffic Controller First Class (AT1) Corey McRath, and Aviation Ordnanceman Airman Walker Lawrence. Website: USS Makin Island

Tim Weber discovered aviation at the age of 13 and has since flown a variety of aircraft including: Ultralights; WWII Stearmans; the legendary Pitts Special, the exotic Russian YAK 55M and several types of jets including the F-16. Tim’s aggressive flying and natural ability have enabled him to become one of the top airshow performers in the United States. In addition to flying, Tim has incorporated his love of music into his airshow routines by writing and performing original music for his performances. Website: Tim Weber Airshows.

George Silverman received his Navy wings in Mar 1971. In his 20 year career in the Navy, amassed 465 carrier landings and 189 combat missions. Now serving as Flight Test Captain for United Airlines – one of 18 pilots who perform all of the high risk flying for the airline. Types of operations include, post maintenance test flights, new aircraft acceptance flights, diagnostic flights to help troubleshoot airborne discrepancies and damaged aircraft ferry flights to repair sites.

Gordon Bowman-Jones (The Voice of Aviation) was born in England and raised in Australia. From New England to New Zealand and Tennessee to Tokyo, air show fans have been thrilled with his vivid narratives and engaging style for more than twenty years. With more than 2000 hours of time in the air, Gordon Bowman Jones has owned and flown numerous aircraft from Auster’s and Ercoupe’s to Messerschmitt’s and MiG’s, even the GULF blimp! He has pursued a lifetime of flying interests, including gliding, sky diving and aerobatics. Website: Air Show Time / Email:

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