Experienced Realtor Looking For A New Tagline

I am an experienced Realtor who is starting up in a new market. I am rebranding myself and looking for a new tagline. I am detail oriented and pride myself in providing my clients with consistent communication throughout their real estate transaction. I deliver extensive research to my buyers – so they can make smart purchases – and to my sellers – to ensure their home is price compellingly.


Jay’s Answer: While it’s great you have all these qualities, these aren’t primary in the minds of your prospective clients. They’re wanting to deal with someone who’s a great negotiator, who knows the market conditions/supply, and specializes in something more than single-family homes (for example, single-family “green” homes). What can you say about your “unique” abilities that matter most to your clients? If you’re unsure, ask a few of your most recent clients why they chose to hire your services.

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