Art Association Needs Help With Gallery Name

Our non profit Art Association has been in existence for over 20 years. We have recently expanded our community involvement, but still have very little attendance at our main fundraiser from outside our membership and their friends and family. Recently, we have been offered the opportunity to have an empty store on a small street that is part of the main entrance to our city’s only major shopping mall from which to operate an art gallery. Besides displaying art, the group envisions having art demonstrations, workshops, and art related activities. The art association has a name which includes our city name, such as Santa Susana Artists’ Association. There has been some heated debate that the name should be the Santa Susana Artists’ Association Art Gallery. On the other side, there is thought that the name should be short, catchy, peak interest, invite further investigation and be easy to read from the street. A name such as ArtYourLife or Atmosphere are examples. If such a name were chosen the Executive Board still wanted to include the words .. the gallery of the Santa Susana Art Association or simply the SSAA Gallery in a smaller font or type than the main name. It should be noted that the association had a gallery in the past with the name of the group and it closed its doors after 2 years because of being in the wrong area of town. Also, there is some concern that the name of the gallery with the groups name immediately conjures up the thought of having only amateur art. We are hoping to receive some input. Would you kindly give us advice on a name and your reasons? Thanks so much!


Jay’s Answer: The name alone is unlikely to inspire someone who knows nothing about your gallery to stop. If the art is by local artists, and local shoppers are interested in local artists, then focus the name on that. If the art highlights a specific style or subject matter, focus the name on that. Why do you existing fans love your association so much? What is the compelling reasons for people to keep coming back and recommending it to their friends? The words they use no doubt contain a kernel of a great idea for you to leverage.

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