Need Catchy Title For A Ladies Fundraising Group

I work for a non-profit that is 100% donation funded and serves people facing cancer from a local area (not national). We host 4 events per year with net proceeds benefiting programs. Originally, the volunteer group of women who gathered to plan, coordinate and execute events as fundraisers was called the “Ladies Auxiliary Group” – as it is still known today. The group has evolved; early years they tended to be in early 20’s through late 30’s with the majority leaning younger. We could count on at least 25 women on an annual basis. Now more like 20’s through 40’s with majority on the older end and numbers are decreasing to 8-12 women. Consensus is that Ladies Auxiliary connotes more of an aged group and that the term is outdated. We needs suggestions for new names because we will be aggressively recruiting for new, energetic members. Ideas?


Jay’s Answer:

  • The Cancer-Fighting Gals
  • Ladies Stomping Out Cancer
  • Ladies Caring Cancer


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