On-site Chair Massage Slogan?

I’m starting an on-site chair massage business with my target market being corporations and offices. So I’m trying to come up with something professional and not too cute. I’ve tried “What every workplace kneads” but it didn’t seem to fit. And “A return on your investments” but that doesn’t sounds right either.

The name of the business is Trinity Restorative Bodywork. I’m working out of Raleigh, NC and plan to target Durham and Chapel Hill as well, hence the name play on the “Triangle” cities. It is a local company where, when contacted by a business, I would travel to said business and perform 15-20 minute chair massages on their employees for an allotted amount of time depending on client volume and frequency. Just to scratch the surface, benefits include:

-Increased employee retention
-Less employee absenteeism
-Increased productivity post massage
-Better wellness for workers; health benefits (ex: an employee who misses work or goes the doctor for RSI or carpel tunnel-can be prevented with massage)

And in my personal opinion, an employe who feels cared for by their employer feels much more satisfied and happy with their job.


Jay’s Answer:  Since your business name doesn’t describe your key benefit, you’ll want your tagline to make this clear, such as:

  • Employee Chair Massages: Everyone Benefits
  • In-Office Chair Massage

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