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Blowdry Package

I want a creative name for Blowdry package. 4 Blowouts for $100. My non package price for a blowout is 35+. I don’t want to use the typical overused names such as “signature, designer, etc. This package will be part of our regular menu with no expiration date .


Jay’s Answer: An obvious name could be: The Blowout Blowout.

Need A Name Of A Newsletter For Alternative Investing

I need the name of a newsletter that will be going out to investors who have less than $2 million in assets and would like to get into privileged investments in private equity and venture capital, and commercial real estate. “rich, but not rich enough”

The name we have now is “The Limited Partner”, but that sounds too vague.

The vehicle of choice for this is the self-directed IRA, a little known investment vehicle that allows people with 401Ks and IRAs to direct those tax-advantaged funds in these Limited partnerships.

The name should have a corresponding URL available (maybe we should use a .org for this for higher perceived credibility?)


Jay’s Answer: Some suggestions to try on:

  • Investment Insights
  • Inside Deals
  • Investment Breakthroughs
  • Access

Tagline For 13×10 Envelope

We are sending out Marketing envelopes with a 3D model of our CyberCommand Panel to Smart Home Builders. A tagline to create interest to open the envelope instead of throwing it away is what we need.


Jay’s Answer: Some phrases to consider:

  • Active Cyber Monitoring For Smart Homes
  • Smart Homes Need Smart Cyber Security
  • The Professional Cyber Security Smart Home Solution

Title Needed For A Class

I need help creating a title for a class I’m teaching about creating a vision for what you want to create, who you want to be, and the highest vision of yourself you’d like to step into in the New Year. I thought of the above: Who Do You Want to Be in the World and in 2020 & Highest Self Vision Setting, but am not confident with either. I aim for participants to learn the top mistakes that sabotage all New Year’s Resolutions and what to do instead; how to get clear on what they desire the year ahead to look like, what they want to accomplish and create, and who they want to be in the journey of it all. I want to take them into visualizing what the highest, most powerful version of themselves can look like in 2020 and creating a plan to get there. Thank you!


Jay’s Answer: “2020: Your Best Year Ever”

Help Me Come Up With A Name For A Dinner Party!

I work for a company that creates affordable housing to help combat homelessness on the west coast. For one of our residential buildings, we are hosting a gourmet dinner for the residents and the city and housing members who helped make it possible for them to be housed. Do you have any great names for the event instead of just Dinner with the City?


Jay’s Answer: 

  • Feeding The Orchard
  • Fruits Of The Orchard (Dinner)

Quarterly Staff Meetings Lead By Our CEO

I am renaming our quarterly staff meetings which are lead by our CEO. Currently, they are called “Speak Easys”. Our Behavioral Health division is not fond of that! These meetings were named by our previous CEO about 10 years ago and we are ready for a change. The purpose of the meetings is to share “state of the hospital” information and Human Resources information. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Jay’s Answer: 

  • From the Top
  • Our Past, Present, and Future
  • Hospitallies

Garden Club Holiday Auction

Changing a historical daytime event to an evening format open to the public. The garden club event will have a silent auction with possibly a few live auction items. There will be a station/heavy hors d’oeuvre dining with wine and beer included. Looking for music. The goal is to raise funds to beautify our town. Somehow (name of town) Holiday Auction isn’t that exciting. Looking for a title that is more creative, yet concise. Thanks!


Jay’s Answer: Some ideas to play with:

  • Ho, Ho, Hoe! (Gala or Auction)
  • The (or TownName) Garden Gala
  • Beauty and the Beets (Gala)

Need A Great Tagline For Baby Products Company

We are about to launch our company – Baby Bliss – but are in need of a fitting tagline. We sell luxury baby toys and accessories that compliment (rather than clash with) a parent’s home decor. These toys and accessories are very high-end and we want to convey this (or just generally evoke an emotive response) through our tagline. Any suggestions would be wonderful!


Jay’s Answer:  A couple of ideas to play with:

  • Oohs and Aahs Guaranteed
  • Love the Look and Feel

Name For A College Adademic Student Organization

I am a college student at a college located in Granville, Ohio called Denison University. On my campus, I am part of a new student organization on our campus. It revolves around an academic department on our campus- called the global commerce department. Global Commerce is a spin on international business- an innovative business major for the liberal arts. The name for the organization at the moment is: “Global Commerce Student Organization”, or “GCSO”. We wanted a much more creative and recognizable name for our new student organization. We are focused on providing amazing opportunities to other students in the global commerce department while helping to refine the global commerce curriculum and bettering it for future Denison students.


Jay’s Answer: How about “GloCo” (Global + Commerce)?