What Is A Good Slogan To Promote Teen Healthy Eating?

I need some help in coming up with a slogan to promote healthy eating that is aimed at young teenagers and their parents.


Jay’s Answer: The slogan should focus on the benefit to healthy eating: reduced acne, better night’s sleep, better grades, more energy, improved mood, etc.

  • Coffee, Chips, and Soda Don’t Create Winners
  • Eco-Friendly Energy For Your Body
  • Look and Feel Better Eating Smarter

10 thoughts on “What Is A Good Slogan To Promote Teen Healthy Eating?

  1. “You are what you eat” is a nice thought, Amanda, but it’s not a compelling reason for most people to change their habits. Changing ones habits is hard, and healthy eating is especially hard with the large amount of advertising of non-healthy food choices. So, the important thing is to answer the question, “Why should I consciously change my familiar life and do something new?”

  2. Lewis – “eat a fruit a day so dentist could just fly away” – rhymes, but people don’t generally think about their dentist until they have a problem. That means that your phrase is unlikely to be a strong motivational tool that will result in changing habits.

  3. “Have a break but don’t have a kit kat!!!” is cute, but has 2 problems: it uses another business’ protected trademark and assumes that the reader knows about “kit kat” (not a given worldwide).

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