What Is A Good Tagline For A Life Insurance Training?

Hi, I am working with a bank, I am designing a name and tagline for a “life insurance” product training for our salesman. last time it was difficult to convince people to attend training so we are looking a for an attractive name and tagline for training program. product is “Life insurance” and training is to be given to salesman of the bank who helps in direct sellling of these products to our customers


Jay’s Answer: The name/tagline should provide a key benefit for your audience. So, why should the sales staff care about the training?

  • To learn more about new offerings (for their own sake)
  • To make more sales
  • To help their clients more

Here are some ideas:

  • What’s New In Life Insurance? (to learn more)
  • What You Don’t Know About Selling Life Insurance (to sell more)
  • What Your Life Insurance Client Really Needs To Know (to help clients)
  • Don’t Let Selling Life Insurance Kill You (humorous)

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