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Christopher Melville grew up in Mendocino County where he attended the Melville Montessori School, a school run by his parents. After years of enjoying roll-playing games like Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and Arduin, in 1994 he developed Fantasy Warplay – a local Live Action Role Playing (LARP) group where players (ages 8-60) can simulate sword play and be an adventurer, a wizard, a warrior, and even a monster. He holds a Montessori Teachers Credential for birth through age six from Montessori Western Teacher Training Program. Christopher also has two BA degrees, one in English and one in Theater Arts from Sonoma State University, as well as a California Multi-Subject Teaching Credential.

Phone: (707) 462-6292

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4 thoughts on “Business With Passion: Christopher Melville

  1. This is very nice. I am glad to see you have taken this to the next level and it working out amazingly.

  2. Wow Jay this is a GREAT show! Very inspiring content, and put together well to convey who Christopher is and what he is accomplishing with LARP! Thank you for sharing it in a way that makes sense.

  3. Fantastic interview! My sons love LARP and it has become woven into our lives over the last few years. They make up the stories and characters on a daily basis, whether they are adventuring on our farm or riding in the car on a road trip. You should see what they can make with duct tape! Much thanks to Christopher for planting the seed for my kids. And thanks to the show for sharing his story so that we understand more of Christopher’s inspiring story.

  4. My son, Jack, has been playing LARP for 4 years and just stumbled upon this video. He loved hearing all about Christopher and learning more about his childhood and the beginings of the thing he loves so much.

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