How To Brand My Real Estate Practice?

I need to develop a branding platform. My personal and professional mission statement is to impact and improve the lives of others. In my real estate practice I have developed excellent systems and endeavor to bring real value by active listening, solid follow through, great communication, known power partners as service providers. My question is how to develop a tag line that conveys my sincerity, passion of service, value, etc without sounding cheesy or salesy?


Jay’s Answer: The key for any tagline is that it needs to appeal to a benefit that your target market cares about. As a real estate professional, it’s assumed that you’re honest, sincere, available, etc. That’s not so unique. So you need to dig deeper about what your really offer people. You think you know – but ask those that chose to work with you in the past. Why did they choose you over your competitors? What would they say about the best reason to recommend/refer you to others. Start there.

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