Name my Children’s Party Business

I need a name & slogan for my new business. Specialising in children’s party for corporate Bodies, Funfair &  Schoolparty.


Jay’s Answer: I recommend to all my clients that a name/tagline are one of the last things a new business needs. I know many people disagree with me, but I watch so many businesses fail not because they have a bad name/tagline but because they don’t have a business plan/strategy.

Right now, I have lots of questions for you to consider. When you’re done thinking about all these issues, you’ll have the right “raw material” to create an great name/tagline:

  • where are you located?
  • where are your clients located?
  • what age groups of children?
  • what types of corporations are you targeting?
  • who is your competition?
  • what will make your business better/different from the competition?
  • why should someone trust you (especially with their children)?

I’d hate to see you grab a name/tagline, print up a bunch of business cards/flyers, create a website, etc. only to find that no one contacts you. Focus on the basics of a successful business before you announce yourself to the world.

Here are some articles I’ve written that detail these thoughts:

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