Business With Passion: The Family Business


Episode theme: People whose businesses are a family tradition.

Loren Poncia‘s family has lived and farmed on the same ranch site in Tomales, California since 1902, when his great-grandfather Angelo, first immigrated to the United States and started working there.  His family-owned Stemple Creek Ranch raises 100% Angus beef and lamb.  Their animals eat organic clover and grass and are never subjected to artificial hormones, growth promotants, or antibiotics. Stemple Creek Ranch is environmentally conscious and values biodiversity in their pastures and riparian areas. They strive to work with mother nature to keep the land abundant and the animals healthy and happy.

Website: Stemple Creek Ranch
Address: P.O. Box 85 Tomales, CA 94971
Phone: (415) 883-8253
Email: Loren Poncia

Tripp Carpenter runs Espenet Furniture (in Bolinas, CA). He has worked with wood since he was six years old. His father, Art Carpenter (the creator of West Coast style of sculptural furniture), passed on his self-taught knowledge to his son. In addition to dreaming up his own functional and artistic woodworking pieces, Tripp continues to produce editions of his father’s famous designs, including the “Wishbone Chair”.

Website: Espenet Furniture
Address: 1100 Olema-Bolinas Road / Bolinas, CA / 94942
Phone: (415) 868-1542
Email: Tripp Carpenter

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