A Special Event For Our Clients And Hot Prospects?

Our clients can be great advocates for us. As such, we’d like to reward them by creating “in-the-loop” special evening events for our best clients. During these events, we’ll gave them a “taste” of some of the new “value-adds” to the service they receive. I’d also like to invite some of our hottest (in terms of buying urgency) prospects to get a taste of being a client and perhaps speak with some satisified clients.

What sort of agenda would you recommend? Ideally, I’d like to have it in-house so they can meet our employees, etc. Budget is fairly small, but I’d like to make it fun/somewhat informal.


Jay’s Answer: If you want your clients to feel like VIPs, don’t just try to sell them more services, teach them something about how to use your services more effectively. For example, have one of your clients that recently had “wow” results, share their tips with the other clients. That’ll position you as the expert, and give extra exposure to one of your clients. That’s a great win-win.

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