How to Start My Business?

I have planned for my startup and i need guidance whether to get register my company or first try to sell the product. keeping product price and marketing it.


Jay’s Answer: In your county, there may be a legal requirement to register your company first. Otherwise, it’s best to simply see if there’s public interest in your offering before investing in your business infrastructure.

Need A Creative Gift Basket/Kit Business Name

I need help with a business name/ plan. When my kids go to friend’s Bday parties, we don’t do traditional gifts. I always do up some sort of gift kit. We’ve done movie night, family game night, craft, art, friendship bracelet, makeup, spa, baking, science experiments, teacher play, cafe play, spy, gardening….

I’ve been planning for awhile to make it into a business. Create a personalized kit for people looking for Bday presents, Easter baskets, Christmas gifts and even beyond children with Father’s Day, New Home, New Baby, Teacher, etc.

My biggest problem before I can get rolling is that I NEED A BUSINESS NAME. I love wordplay, so that’s what I’m trying to go with. If it was a typical gift basket business I’d do something like BasketCase, but I associate gift baskets with mostly food items and also, I rarely use baskets. I use whatever goes with the theme, mixing bowl, craft box/tote, makeup bag, purse, popcorn bowl, etc. so I’d say they’re more gift kits or gift boxes. Ideas I’ve had: Outside the Box? Gift Outside the Box? Kit & Caboodle Gifts? Help please!


Jay’s Answer:

  • (The Personalized) Gift Baskit
  • Gifkit (pronounced “Gift It”)

Catchy, Casual And Maybe Even Sarcastic Tagline

We are a travel agency which is expanding its market with a new brand. Our agency is called From Ships To Shores Travel, Inc and our market is primarily family travel. We want our brand to project a fun, casual and spontaneous atmosphere which creates family memories (yes, think Jimmy Buffet). We are looking for a tagline for our website, business cards and other brand marketing. My first thought was something silly like “planning all trips except guilt trips” – of course not sure everyone would appreciate my sarcastic sense of humor.


Jay’s Answer:

  • From Ships To Shores Travel: Please Go Away
  • From Ships To Shores Travel: Create Good Family Memories

BTL Activities For Mobile App

I have launched a lock screen app that pays the users every time they unlock their phones or view the content. The rewards are in the form of mobile top ups, discount vouchers and cinema tickets. Can I get some innovative ideas about BTL (Below the line) activities of this app?


Jay’s Answer:

  • Can you co-market with another app maker?
  • Can you co-market with local cinema and/or mobile cell-phone providers?
  • Can you use location-based push advertising?

Tagline for Women Support Group

I am looking for a tagline that will make client feel confident that their needs will get met. I also want to start a women’s group we are all business owners, and we want to help other women start their own business.


Jay’s Answer: A tagline’s job isn’t to “make client feel confident that their needs will get met” – it’s to either clarify a business’ name or to explain a key benefit you offer to your customer. Confidence is something that requires a lot more branding/marketing effort to show why they should trust you.

Since you’re a life coach, start by identifying who specifically is likely to hire YOU. There are lots of life coaches around the world, but what life experience do you have that specific people desperately need to find out? Can you guarantee your results in some way? Do you specialize in a certain life challenge (divorce, aging, marriage, launching a business, etc.)? Once you clearly know this information, then a tagline can help cement that information into the minds of potential clients.

Congrats on wanting to start a women’s business group for helping other women. A name+tagline would likely identify: your region, that it’s a woman-only group (or are men welcome?), it’s for business owners, and for entrepreneurs. How you distinguish your group from other business groups (networking groups, for example)?

Naming An Office Building Under Construction

I’m breaking ground on a 38,000sf office building. Looking to attract mostly medical users with a mix of other tenants. It will be the largest building of this kind in area. Town of Sturbridge MA that’s known for Old Sturbridge Village (living museum in the early 1800’s)


Jay’s Answer: If you’re looking to attract mostly medical renters, then “Sturbridge Health Center” would help. Other businesses in the Center could easily be adjunct: restaurants, medical supplies, medical billing, etc. Would a toy store open up in that building? Not likely.

Need Slogan Ideas For A General Contractor

After many years of experience working under others, my husband is starting a new business as a general contractor. He will do everything from framing, renovations, roofing, fix and flips, etc. Will provide quality service marketed towards residential customers and investors. Business is called Built Right Construction. we’ve played a little with “Doing it right costs less than doing it over!” but haven’t settled. We’d like something catchy, numerous and professional.


Jay’s Answer: Since the name doesn’t describe his specialty nor target audience, why not clarify in the tagline, such as: Cincinnati’s Residential General Contractor or Specializing in Investment Homes?

Need Cool Upbeat Name For Training Program

I am starting a training program for a real estate company of about 400 agents. I will be training newly licensed agents, most under 30, as well as experience seasoned agents. I want the name for the new agent program to tie in with advanced training. I want to get the attention of the under 30 and over 50 age groups. We have some great icons to use since it is real estate; keys, doors, steps, to name a few. Everything I think of sounds old and worn out! Any suggestions?


Jay’s Answer: Consider: “The Real Workout: Strengthen Your Sales Muscles”

Any Ideas On What To Name A Run For The Refugees?

I’m trying to come up with a catchy name for a 5K or 10K run that I’m trying to set up in my community to benefit the refugees in the Mediterranean. I will be partnering with either Doctor’s Without Borders or International Medical Corps…haven’t decided yet. But, I’d rather not call it something generic like Run for Refugees, or Refugee 5K.


Jay’s Answer:

Run For Asylum: A 5K/10K Benefit
Sanctuary Much: A Benefit 5K/10K Run