What Is A Good Tagline For A Travel Agent?

I have had my travel business for over 6 years now, but I never could come up with a great tagline. I would love to get your opinions. My company name is Darlington Travel Center. I specialize in cruises, accessible travel and destination weddings and honeymoons. My agency is full-service.

I am trying to design a great yellow page ad, too. I have never done that before. Any suggestions as to what I should include in the ad? The one I have had since the beginning is a basic 5 line ad. Now I am going to probably upgrade to a Quarter Column Ad.


  • Air, Land, and See.
  • Relax. Leave The Planning To Us
  • Just Go Away!
  • We Specialize In Memorable Vacations
  • We Know All The Best Places

Your ad should highlight your specialties (cruises, etc.) – what makes you unique in your area. Don’t forget a website reference in your ad.

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