What Are Good Trade Show Giveaways For A Mapping Service?

My firm, a small but proven aerial photography & mapping company, exhibits at trade shows regularly to market to and capture leads in government & professional fields. My company flies cameras to capture the ground images, processes this data, and uses scientific methods to create accurate maps. I’ve been trying to think of creative – but industry related trade show “freebies,” prizes, and/or booth games that would apply to our technical/scientific industry. I want to do this while keeping up a professional image and having a little fun. Remember, I need industry related ideas (keywords: aviation, mapping, tech, etc.).


As for a premium prize: An aerial photo of their residence (or other building) (within a certain radius from your business).

Giveaways: Cool origami (animals, insects, etc.) from folded maps.

As for games:

  • An airplane simulator (running on a PC, etc.)
  • A dart throw at a map (with certain locations targeted)
  • A matchup game (show aerial photos and 1 photo from ground level – match the aerial photo to the ground photo)

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