How Can I Advertise My Discussion Forum?

What are some good ways of advertising a discussion forum to increase membership?


Since you have a forum, you’ve no doubt have in mind who should be part of the forum.

The next step is for you to figure out why people would want to be part of the forum. Are there already forums for these groups? If so, what makes your forum better? Forum membership takes time on the part of participants, so people won’t switch memberships unless you’ve given them something much better.

Let’s say you’ve compared your forum to all the competition, and realized that indeed you’re targeting an under-served group that would truly benefit from membership.

Now, you need to find where the under served group goes online. Blogs? Websites? Reads newsletters? You need to get your advertisement in front of your target.

Simply posting your forum to a list of forums won’t attract the people you’re looking for.

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