How Can I Launch My First Jewelry Collection?

I work for a high end silver jewelry company that is ready to launch its first collection very soon. We have decided to manage in-house all the organization of the launching event. I was wondering which is the right balance for our guest list considering that our mission is to celebrate a classy and nice event that makes people talk about it for long and also get media repercussion (fashion upmarket magazines mostly). I would appreciate very much any advice about how to build the right guest list or any other comment about this kind of event. We are also thinking of what kind of giveaway or party gift would be the most appropriate reconsidering the nature of our product.


Why would someone want to come to your event? If you have a track record, then they’d want to see your newest collection before anyone else. If you don’t have a track record, then you’re a nobody to them and will need to co-market with a somebody to attract their attention. For example, work with an established clothing designer for a runway show, using your jewelry on the models. For a wine tasting, have all the servers wear your jewelry. For an opera sampling, the singers wear your jewelry,

The media isn’t interested in writing about someone selling jewelry – they’re interested in a story. Does the jewelry designer have an unusual background? Has the silver been melted down from old tooth fillings? Are the pieces copies of ancient Roman statues? Is 50% of the profit for that night going to support a local orphanage? The media will sometimes cover social events, but then it’s clearly focused on the attendees and you may be a quick mention only.

As attendees, you obviously want people who buy jewelry (for example, previous customers of yours). You also want attendees to be community leaders, people who will attract other people to attend your event. Early adopters – people who set trends

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