What Should I Do After I Print My Business Cards?

I printed business cards out… what next? I have a painting business.


Look at it from the other side. So you gave me a business card – why should I call you? What makes your painting business better than the others? Why should I trust you?

What you need is a business strategy. You need to first identify who you want as your ideal prospect – business? residential? apartment? How many sq. ft? Inside or outside? Multi-story?

Next, focus on what problem you solve for them. Besides putting new paint on the surfaces. Clean new look? Color consultation? Mold eradication? Crack repair?

Now, identify what makes you different / special. A technique? Years in business? Special skills or certification? 24/7 service?

These are the start for a strategy. The strategy will create the marketing plan – how to contact, who to contact, when to contact, why, etc.

One thought on “What Should I Do After I Print My Business Cards?

  1. I think you better plan your strategy before designing your business cards. The business cards need to reflect that strategy and support it.

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