How Can I Use Direct Mail To Target Retail Executives?

We’re trying to reach specific execs at retailers of a certain size to sell a service. The idea was to use a one-time dimensional mail to drive the execs (600-1000 total) to a microsite (via a PURL) to provide more information and move them into the funnel. Any thoughts on reaching out again to those who do not respond to the mailer? Anything else to consider?


I don’t know what you offer was, but if your mail wasn’t targeted to their problems, and was instead focused on your solution, you’re likely to get a poor response rate.

Instead of immediately calling the non-respondents, I would communicate with those that did respond. Find out what problems they have in their business that caused them to contact you. This knowledge will allow you to create a more targeted, benefit-based offer (either by phone, email, mail, etc.). If any of your respondents purchase your product, getting a testimonial from a high-profile customer would be very useful. “Jane Smith, at ABC Corp., solved her IT outsourcing needs by working with us…”

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