How Can I Create Effective Web Site Content?

My client want to produce effective web site content and advertising materials suited for target audience. They also want to deeper understanding of what our target consumers are into, what they are thinking, what they like, what make them tick and so on to clearly communicate lifestyle tone, personality and slat of the Web brand. We are assigned to develop a package of market research to provide information for the objectives above. Could you advice me on this. Please note usability test is quite new in my country, and I look forward to get any your advice on this proposal.


Jay’s Answer: It sounds like you need to understand more about your target audience first. With the proliferation of the Internet, you should be able to find a number of sites that cater to your audience. In addition to sales sites, look for forums where the audience talks about their problems and other offer solutions. Once you understand what they are talking about, then start asking questions of the group: ask for their input, etc. Offer to compile the responses to your questions and email them to everyone who’s interested.

Develop your website, and invite people from the forums to visit it and give your input. They are your beta testers, and they give you great feedback. However, they’ll only give you half the story – the other part is compelling content. Make sure your home page clearly identifies who you’re targeting and what problem of theirs your solving. Make sure to have a compelling call to action to get visitors interested. And use analytics (such as Google Analytics) to study what’s happening on your website.

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