What Is A Good Tagline For A Graphic Designer?

I am a graphic designer. I am trying to come up with a slogan – how does this sound "We design for you with passion!" or "We design with passion for you!". I am your typical creative type, very passionate about my work and customer service!


Jay’s Answer: People don’t want passion, they want results. They want to know that you’re easy to work with, produce great results quickly (and on budget), and intuitively can convey their minds’ eye idea into something tangible. As you know, people don’t know what they need until they see it.

Your tagline ideas suffer from two problems: 1) the mention of "passion" and 2) repeating the word "design" (which is already in your business name). Taglines should focus on the benefit of your services.

Therefore, consider some of these taglines:

  • Your Ideas + My Designs = Great Results
  • Get More Customers With Better Graphics
  • Enhancing Your Business Image
  • I Listen. I Create. You Look Good.
  • I Make Your Business Look Good
  • When Clip-Art Just Won’t Do

3 thoughts on “What Is A Good Tagline For A Graphic Designer?

  1. “Making You Look Good is My Passion” (to use your passion word)

    “Making You Stand Out in the Crowd”

    “So You Can Succeed”

    “Becase Looking Successful Creates Success”

    “Successful Solutions for You”

    These are some early morning brainstorms as well.

  2. Some other line ideas for you.

    Where good looks get whistles.

    Building your brand and growing your business.

    For eye-popping impact that gets you noticed.

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