How Can I Get More Contracts For My Freight Forwarding Company?

It’s almost 1 year that I have started a freight forwarding company, and I have pumped in almost half a mil but I haven’t broken even yet. We are international freight company and we ship everything to everywhere, but our goal is getting contract from manufactures for import or export, the problem is I don’t know what exactly should I say while contacting them so it would attract them for a meeting?


Jay’s Answer: Instead of calling new accounts to sell them, call them to find out how (or if) they use freight forwarding. If they don’t use it, then you have a great opportunity to teach them how teaming up with you can be a big money-maker for them. If they do use it, ask who they use, what they like about it, and what it would take them to switch. Don’t try to sell them just yet. Just collect the data initially, and keep in touch with them as you move toward their "tipping point to switch".

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