How Can I Create A Crisp Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

I’m expert for a methodology, which allows producers and concept developers to transform products, technology or innovative concepts into cheaper, better performing and hard to copy results. I’d like to take the next step and turn my knowledge into a desirable service. The idea is to cooperate with clients subject matter experts, once management is convinced of my services.

From talks to both technical and non-technical people it seem that the methodology in itself creates interest – at least, because it has a strange name (which is also hard to explain) – especially with the non-technical audience. Once they understand the basic concept, they even come up with ideas for applications in new, i.e. non-technical, fields, which is nice. It also seems that it’s better to talk about the achievements possible rather than about the detailed steps to take. Though, that will be necessary to do, too.

When people spend about 1 hour interactively with me they get the main points. To understand details it’s a much longer road for them and it’s easy to loose them on the way. For selling or advertisement purposes this is no good – who will spend 1 hour talking to me all the time? And how much talking can I do myself?

What I’d like to achieve is: look, like, hire (my services). Unfortunately I’m too deeply involved in the subject matter itself to truly find the right words for my potential clients.


Jay’s Answer: You’ve correctly identified your problem (“Unfortunately I’m too deeply involved in the subject matter itself to truly find the right words for my potential clients”).

Besides hiring experts who can help you do this for your business a solution that might appeal to you is asking your prospects to tell you what you do. The wording doesn’t have to be correct – but the language will be that of an disinterested listener, who you’re trying to target.

By the way: look, like, hire is a nice idea, but the reality is you also need trust in that equation. Trust is what makes people believe that giving you their money is likely to produce the result you promise. Without that, you’re all hype. Trust can be built with white papers, testimonials, 3rd party studies, articles, seminars, meetings, etc

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