What’s the Best Way To Market My Web Design Agency?

I am operating a web design agency that is focused on corporate web designs. Our target market is Real Estate companies, corporates and middle sized companies. We are using Google Adwords and Adbrite.com. Now we plan to place print ads. In which Business Magazine we should place ads?


Jay’s Answer: Focus on one niche at a time. I would start with real estate companies, creating a landing page that targets them instead of your generic (“we do logo, web, and branding design”) message. Sell the solution – a great logo, website, branding helps attract customers short- and long-term, etc.

Corporate and middle-sized companies most likely do this work in-house, so you’ll be less likely to find opportunities there. However, if you focus on a niched middle-sized or corporate company, and know that you have a special service that it’s unlikely they have in-house, then by all means fill the need.

As for print magazines – don’t place ads in general business magazines. Place them in magazines that your niche reads. What do they read? Ask them.

Also, make sure you get your keywords in alignment for your niche’s search. You want to be easy to find.

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