What’s A Good Name For Seminar For Moms?

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice. I am doing a seminar for moms as a way to get my name in the community as a resource for families when counseling is needed. I have spoken on many topics in the past. I would like to appeal to these moms as a resource for their general needs or more specific needs. The working title is Creating Balance in your Life as a Mom. I also need 4 – 5 bullet points to attract moms to this seminar. I currently have Improve Your Time Management; Eliminate Distractions; Finding a Routine that Maximizes the Potential for Your Family; and Giving Your Own Needs the attention they deserve. I would like something that is more catchy or would attract the most moms possible! Thank You!!


Jay’s Answer: Moms with children at different ages have different specific issues (toddlers vs. lower-school vs. high-school vs. college-aged).

“Creating Balance in Your Life” isn’t motivating. Contrast this to: “Have More Fun In Your Life”, “Play More With Your Family”, “Increase Joy”, “Feel More Vital”, etc.

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