How Can I Promote My Magic Trick Book?

I have a website on card tricks, and soon I will have a book published on the same subject. I wanted to take advantage of free publicity in newspapers/magazines, and radio. However, card tricks are visual, and those mediums are not. (I don’t want to do TV because of all the travel to studios). Any ideas on how to present magic tricks so that promoting them would work on radio, etc?


Jay’s Answer: If you’re promoting your book, you should be able to use print media (newspapers/magazines). For radio, you’d have to either do a mentalism trick (Think of a card, any card. Got it? Put in back in the deck and shuffle it….) or describe the benefits of doing magic (I used to do magic tricks for friends/family, and inspired many other kids to do magic as well. I’ve heard years later what a difference magic made in their lives, how it made them more outgoing, etc.).

Having a book on magic isn’t newsworthy. Doing magic tricks for a benefit, starting a magic-a-thon (raising $ for a non-profit), teaching executives how to use magic to improve their meetings, or people networking to do business card magic tricks is.

People know magic is a trick. What’s memorable is the artistry and feeling that is conveyed doing the trick. Teach people how to use magic to achieve personal growth, not just do tricks.

2 thoughts on “How Can I Promote My Magic Trick Book?

  1. Try youtube for promotion. Share one of the card tricks or any other magic tricks on your book, turn it into magic tricks video then post it on youtube with appropriate keyword. Make a note to promote your book and your website at the start or the end of your magic tricks video.

  2. Yes, video promotion is one way to go. Youtube, Vimeo and other services. Perhaps start a free blog on WP or Blogger and try to get some traffic from there as well.

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